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Minimum wage: You said there won’t be a strike during your time-Adamawa APC Man says Tinubu has failed Nigerians


Minimum wage: You said there won’t be a strike during your time-Adamawa APC Man says Tinubu has failed Nigerians

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A Politician in Adamawa, Ibrahim Bello Hong has described the recent strike by the NLC Labor union as a failure on the part of the federal government to play their card of simple negotiations and fulfillment of campaign promises.

Bello said the strike is needless and would have been averted because of how President Bola Ahmed Tinubu during his inauguration speech has told Nigerians that the era of the strike has ended in as much he remains the president of Nigeria.

Bello during an interview with this medium reiterated that Tinubu has failed Nigerians woefully by not keeping to his words and fulfilling his campaign promises of setting the country free by the chainsaw of NLC, ASUU and the rest.

According to him, it’s obvious that the economic inequalities under the current government are being hard on Nigerians and if something fast is not done the situation will create a serious anarchy, confusion, and revolution in the country.

Bello who is also an international businessman Man blasted the economy team structured by President Tinubu to be sleeping on duty over the lingering worsening economy.

He said Nigerians are suffering and even the elites are becoming corporate beggers because of the economic system that is not favoring anyone.

While condemning the constant fall of Naira when compare to a dollar, Bello said the economy team appears to be inactive and their level of proactiveness is very low.

Bello who is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party and contested many positions in the past years said he worked for the emergence of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Adamawa State in 2023.

He worried that most of the campaign promises of the Tinubu-led administration are not being fulfilled and it becomes a source of concern to draw the attention of the APC family to focus on liberating Nigerians who are passing through a lot of suffering because of the country’s economic crunch.

“I tirelessly worked for Tinubu because I believe he will save us from the trouble of the past governments, I used everything I have as a business Man and a grassroots politician, a mobilizer against all odds to make sure APC form the government. Lo and behold, it’s rather unfortunate that we are seeing what we did not bargain for.

“Very soon, with the tickling of the clock, there’s going to be another election. What is going to be our area of strength to campaign again for this government? I’m burdened to say that the Tinubu we worked for is not giving us what we want and the administration is going the way of other past governments with no differences to figure out.” Bello said

He made a passionate appeal to the federal government to a matter of urgency deploy and employ all strategies to resolve with the Nigeria Labor Congress within the one-week window period they suspended the strike.

He said by now he thought President Tinubu was strategic enough to resolve all pending issues with labor unions like ASUU, TUC, NL, and the rest to end the perennial strikes actions Nigeria is known for over the years when he said ” There won’t be strikes anymore during my time.”

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