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Ministerial list: Our prayers are with Sen Zwimgina-North East Ambassadors for Tinubu


Ministerial list: Our prayers are with Sen Zwimgina-North East Ambassadors for Tinubu

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As Nigerians are waiting for the Administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to announce the ministers that will form his cabinet members in a few days or weeks to come.

A political group under the auspices of North East Ambassadors for Tinubu and Shettima has stock in their fervent prayers for the consideration and nomination of Adamawa State’s non-Serving Senator, Comrade Jonathan Silas Zwingina.

A statement by the group availed to this medium described Zwingina, a former Senator to have represented the Southern zone of the state as a true Democrat, scholar, a distinguished senator with sound legislative Knowledge who is dedicated party man to the core.

The statement has the endorsement of the Chairman and Secretary, Hon. Alh Adamu Garba, and Comrade Bulus Garba respectively signed calling on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to have Zwingina from Adamawa as one of the brains to help him better the lives of Nigerians

According to the statement that the renewed hope mandate of Tinubu can be fully actualized and realized by People like Zwingina in his cabinet.

“Zwingina is a perfect politician with the required knowledge of the workings of government to support the Tinubu administration and better work for Nigerians.

“We are fervently praying for him and the government of Tinubu and Shettima to bring laughter to the lips of many Nigerians once again with the like of Zwingina in his government.

“We hope to see Senator Zwingina in the next cabinet. Thank you Mr President for seeing him as a worthy Man for the next assignment. Congratulations Mr Zwingina.” Statement said