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Mischiefs, lies, greeds, and blackmails rock ECWA as church’s election nears


Mischiefs, lies, greeds, and blackmails rock ECWA as church’s election nears

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….Dr Gyet a victim of all, Church member worries

A member of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Bro Istifanus Palmo Described as worldliness the vested interest and gross greed of many church leaders working hard to change the course of history and justice as the Church’s elections are around the corner.

Palmo who is from Gongola District Church Council (DCC) of Adamawa State worried about the free and open show of wickedness displayed in recent times by some people hired to confuse the entire Body of Christ (ECWA).

In an interview with our Yola correspondent, Palmo said is a bonafide member of the church from birth, and his love for the Church compelled him to condemn the excesses of some aspirants who are vying for one position or the other in the coming elections scheduled for 16th April 2024.

According to him, he read with disdained the Mischief, Lies, blackmails, and defamation of character orchestrated by some people in online media attacking the personality of Rev Dr David Gyet by calling him a rapist.

He said the ECWA he was born into was a church with Creeds of holiness and righteousness as its pillar of Faith, void of worldliness with Jesus Christ as the author of Faith.

What he described as Church Politics, the passionate ECWA member blasted those fighting Dr Gyet because he intended to aspire to be the next ECWA President.

He revealed that Dr. Gyet has a true call of a great Man of God with proven integrity and evidence records of achievements wherever he was sent to pastor a church.

He said his giant strides in Church growth, winning soul and physical development and infrastructure of ECWA are beyond quantifiable.

He rated Gyet as a sound Pastor with a high profile of Ecclesiastical teachings, Biblical Doctrines with unbiased love for humanity as his indelible mark that set him apart from anyone wanting to be ECWA President.

He further explained that the world system of politics has infiltrated the Body of Christ and its sanctity as the light and salt of the world is no longer relevant.

He enjoined church leaders, especially those in ECWA to stop injuring themselves because of temporal positions rather focused on the heaven mandates they are all called to serve.

He charged that the coming elections will be for those that God willed them to be, they will certainly win Come whaay. And No amount of hate, mischief, lies, and show of media power will stop Dr Gyet if he is the Chosen one by God.

“When did we get to this mess? That our leaders because of earthly things are now deliberate sinners? I think it’s high time to call a spade a spade- it’s unfortunate and clear, that so many of our pastors were not called. What I saw few days ago was pure worldliness. Mundane to even those outside the Church or unbelievers.

“As far as I know, Dr Gyet has the clean record to be the next ECWA President. No amount of their attacks and lies will stand up against God’s chosen and anointed one. They are wasting their time, Money, and resources.” He said

He worried that the world system of leadership is influencing the Church patter of leadership, not allowing good people to be leaders to take humanity back to God.

“I’m not surprised anyway, Jesus was attacked , he was blackmailed, , and rejected even sinners called him a sinner. But that doesn’t change the fact that is God’s anointed, and so is Dr Gyet in the sight of God. By all standards of Men, David was never the anointed one until God stated otherwise.

“Dr. Gyet, you are right on track, we are behind you in prayers. God is on our side, even if you are a sinner and have fallen short of God’s glory, the throne of Mercy has vindicated you as a good Man. David was, Samson was, Paul was, the woman in the act of adultery was, Moses was and Peter was, all people were. They sin no more, and God is using them evermore.” Palmo said

“You are innocent, you are just victims of their attacks – lies, blackmail, and mischief so cheer up! I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel because God got your back.” He added