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“My encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ” – Apostle Jerry Hinjari


“My encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ” – Apostle Jerry Hinjari

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The heart of God beats for the nations. His desire above all things is that all men may know him, even as he desires to reveal himself to all flesh.

But in order to make himself known, he needed a vessel. A man whom he could trust a man he could call a friend, a man who would run with an assignment and wouldn’t relent until it was done and complete.

To the glory of God, the Lord found a man in Apostle Jerry Hinjari. His walk with God is what led to the birth of Christ Nation International, a ministry birthed as the revealer of Christ to the people and the nations of the earth.

The vision began with a series of prayers and fasting under the theme “Pray with Jerry Hinjari”

“Pray with Jerry Hinjari” began towards the end of 2015 with the aim of drawing all men closer to God through prayer.

Soon enough, the vision spread across states in Adamawa, Plateau, and Lagos, with people, mostly youths, meeting to pray regularly.

During those prayer sessions, which mostly consisted of hours of speaking in tongues, the will of God was revealed, with God present to confirm his word via diverse forms of miracles, signs, and wonders. The Holy Spirit found avenues to flow, thereby leading to the release of fresh fire, prophesies, and encouragement via the revealed and written word of God.

In the year 2021, the Lord Jesus himself appeared to Apostle Jerry Hinjari and showed him a clear vision of his plan for the

By the grace of God, permission to reveal what happened in that encounter has been released.

To watch the full video, kindly visit the Christ Nation YouTube channel.

To learn more about the man, Apostle Jerry Hinjari, and the vision entrusted into his hands for such a time as this, kindly visit the Christ Nation page on all social media channels.

One thing is certain: Your life will never be the same again.

Remain blessed. Amen!


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