National Unity is Key to Achieving National Security in Nigeria – Gov Zulum


National Unity is Key to Achieving National Security in Nigeria – Gov Zulum

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The Borno State Governor was at the National Defence College Abuja, where he delivered a lecture titled “Strengthening National Unity for Countering Contemporary Security Threats in Nigeria: My Perspective” to participants of Course 32 drawn from Nigeria and 19 friendly countries across the globe.

Gov Zulum recalled the contemporary global and local trends to explain the crises of national unity and security in Nigeria. The key global factors include globalisation, proliferation of small arms, insurgency, terrorism and transnational crime. The key local factors include poor leadership, bad governance, corruption, ethnicity, religious extremism, nepotism and deficits of existing national integration measures, especially the NYSC Scheme, Unity Colleges and Federal Character Principle.

Gov Zulum recalled historical facts to discuss the evolution, change and continuity of national Unity and integration mechanisms in Nigeria. He also illuminated the underpinning dimensions of Nigeria’s national (in)security. He then established the linkages between the challenges of national unity and failures in building national security in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, Gov Zulum expressed a deep appreciation to the Armed forces of Nigeria, the Nigeria Police and other security agencies for their sacrifices and commitment to Nigeria’s national unity and security. While extolling the imperatives of kinetic approach (counter-insirgency operations), Gov Zulum emphasized the need to invest in non-kinetic approach too – especially building the political, political, economic and socio-cultural structures that will provide the backbone for national security. He emphasized the need to bridge the peace-security-development nexus in Nigeria.

Gov Zulum offered solid recommendations which included investment in leadership; strict adherence to constitutionalism and rule of law; institutional reforms and review of the existing national integration policy and strategy with a view to injecting new measures of unity and integration.

The lecture was graced by the NDC Commandant Rear Admiral Olotu who extolled the rare virtues of Gov Zulum; members of directing staff, members of His Excellency’s entourage and members of the press.

Highlights of the programme were interactive discussion; signing of the College Visitors’ Register by Gov Zulum; a Group Photograph and Press Interview by Gov Zulum.