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Nigeria @ 57: Some 47 good stories of Adamawa state


Nigeria @ 57: Some 47 good stories of Adamawa state

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Many are of the opinion that Adamawa state has not been In the news for a long even as a land of beauty with many potentials of stories angles, there are many hiding unsung glories of the Modibbo Adama ancestral that is never being told.

1. Adamawa is the only state in the country that have high concentration of ethnics nationalities.

2. Do you know that police round about in Jimeta is the biggest round about in Nigerian linking five major roads In the state?

3. Mahmoud Ribadu square is named after the first minister of defense, the only freedom fighter and nationalist in the state.

4. During the second Republic, Adamawa state (Then Gongola) had many presidential aspirants. Mamuda Waziri, Bamanga Tukur and Jibril Aminu

5. Adamawa is the home base of Jama’atul Izalatul Nasir bidi’a Nasir wal makaitul sunna national leader,Sheik Bala Lau.

6. Archbishop Musa Filibus Panti is the first Nigerian Man that is the President of Lutheran world Federation (LWF),an indigene of Mayo Belwa LGA of Adamawa state

7. Adamawa is considered a custom state haven produced two Customs Deputy Comptroller General (Atiku Abubakar and Alhaji Iya )

8.Sukur kindom heritage is a world recognised museum basing in Sukur, Madagali LGA of Adamawa state.

9. Adamawa produced the youngest Vice Chancellor, Professor Iya Abubakar was a VC in ABU at the age of 30.

10. Fofure LGA of Adamawa is the second largest LGA to Ibadan LGA in Nigeria.

11. The pioneer and first Chairman of EFCC is Nuhu Ribadu from Adamawa state

12.Babachir David Lawan is the first SGF to come from Adamawa from Hong LGA.

13.Engr Omar Suleiman is the first MD of Port Authority from Adamawa state

14. Senator Binta Masi Garba the Nigerian Lawmaker that enjoys duo indigene, Adamawa her state of origin and Kaduna her state of birth.

15. Njanyi is the only ethnic nationality from Mubi South that produced two Executive Governors of Adamawa state:Amb. Wilberforce Juta and Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow.

16. Forger Chief of defense,Alex Sabundah Badeh held from Mubi North LGA of Adamawa state.

17. The Adamawa Assembly are the first In the third Republic to impeached a sitting Governor and was later adjudged to be a kangaroo impeachment by a Supreme Court.

18. Governor Bindow is the first Governor that received an award by Zumunta Association in America for excellence performance.

19. Governor Bindow was awarded for achieving much in terms of physic infrastructure development

20. Bindow is the only Governor in the country that constructed over 250 roads across the state within his two years in office.

21. Shelleng LGA is having one of the oldest monarch administration in the state.

22. Bindow made history by constructing a 43 klm road from Kiri to Shelleng. The only LGA in the state with a history of no tarred road.

23. Do you one know that the International Airport Yola is first to be in Nigeria? Landing place of the colonial Masters.

24. In 2005 Adamawa state university (ADSU) was rated the best state university in the country.

25. In the North East, Adamawa state remains the only State that has high number of professors.

26. Duduwale,an indigene of Adamawa state is the only Nigerian that trekked to North western states for world peace.

27. All ravaged communities of Boko Haram activities in the northern parts of the state have been fully recapture and rehabilitated.

28. Atiku Abubakar an indigene of Jada of Adamawa state is the first Vice President in the entire North east.

29. AUN a university with American standard is owned by Atiku and base in Yola.

30. Do you k know that Faro water is rated the best table water in the country?

31 Savannah Sugar company situated in Lamurde LGA is the best sugar company in Africa.

32. The entire Guyuk LGA is sitting on limestone, a mineral resources that can produce metric tons of cement without finishing

33. Kamwe or Higgi puporlaly known as Michika in Adamawa state are the most industrious ethnic nationality in the whole of Northern Nigeria.

34.All the 21 LGAs are naturally endowed with all forms of minerals resources

35. The twin sister mountains in Song, Song LGA is a sight that attracted international visitors

36. Do you know that the groundnuts pyramids in Kano was highly contributed from the farm products of Huba (Kilba) for their massive farming of groundnuts

37. Bachamas,the people from Lamurde Numan are known to be villain warriors.

38. Mbula,a tribe in Demsa LGA are discovered to have an inbuilt gift of music.

39.The Fulbe (Fulani) in Yola are discovered to be the most civilised than their fellows else where in Nigeria.

40. Bindow broke history when he constructed a 40 years abandoned road in Yola.

41. Tambo community in Girei LGA holds the ancestral history of the original of Mbula tribe of Demsa LGA.

42. Do you know that the name Adamawa was given after the name of an Islamic scholar,Modibbo Adama who was believed to have founded the city.

43. The originated from Adama, the feminine name of Adamu, the first Man. Meaning the people of Adama.

44. The Fulanis in Adamawa state are in every LGA of the state.

45. Chambas are the second highest minority ethnic tribe in Nigeria to Tiv, with much of them in Ganye, Toungo, Jada, Mayo Belwa, Zing etc

46. Chambas are the major producers of Yam in Adamawa state

47. Numan is the headquarters of LCCN in Nigeria


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