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NLC’s Hypocrisy: Selective Strike And Billions Lost


NLC’s Hypocrisy: Selective Strike And Billions Lost

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By Comrade Ismaila Umar Ali

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has been caught in a web of hypocrisy, sparking outrage and disbelief across the country. While they zealously embarked on a strike over salary increases, they had earlier refused to do so when the government increased fuel prices and electricity tariffs, citing a court order.

*Double Standards*

The NLC’s selective strike action reeks of hypocrisy, as they chose to respect a court order in one instance but ignored the same principle when it comes to their personal interests. Their reluctance to challenge the fuel price and electricity hikes, which disproportionately affect the masses, has exposed their true priorities.

*_Personal Comfort vs Public Interest_*

The NLC’s eagerness to strike over salary increases, which benefits their members directly, stands in stark contrast to their inaction on issues that affect the broader population. This blatant prioritization of personal comfort over public interest has raised questions about their true motives and representation.
God alone knows how many innocent newborn Nigerian babies in public hospitals could die inside Incubators. One can only imagine how Mortuaries would manage corpses.
Another very troubling situation was how international airline operators have not been allowed by the NLC to airlift Nigerian pilgrims!

*_Inflation Ignored_*

Furthermore, the NLC’s demands for salary increases without considering the worsening inflationary trends in the country have been criticized as shortsighted and selfish. Their refusal to acknowledge the potential consequences of their demands has sparked concerns about their commitment to the welfare of all Nigerians, not just their members.

The NLC’s hypocrisy has damaged their credibility and public trust, raising questions about their ability to genuinely represent the interests of the working class. As the strike continues, many are left wondering whether the NLC truly cares about the Nigerian people or just their own selfish interests.

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