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Ondo ’24: Ifedore Youth Group Highlights Reasons For Not Supporting Aiyedatiwa


Ondo ’24: Ifedore Youth Group Highlights Reasons For Not Supporting Aiyedatiwa

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Press statement:

Youths in Ifedore local Government area under the aiges of Ifedore concerned youth for good governance in Ondo State has said it will not throw his weight behind the current governor of the state in his bid to clinch the APC party governorship ticket.

The youth group made their decision known in a press release issued at the end of a crucial meeting held in Igbara-Oke where the members converge in their hundreds.

The press release by the secretary of the group Abíóyè Kayode states that they would not support the current governor because of alleged marginalisation of Ifedore people, insincerity of the governor, the much heated debates on his academic certificates and more.

In his words:

“Those who benefitted from the Akeredolu administration has been swept aside by the current administration of Aiyedatiwa. Under Aketi we had two sons under his cabinet.

“This administration dropped one of them, and took this legitimate right of Ifedore LGA to another local government. He even stripped our son of all the rights and benefits accrued to him which he didn’t do in the cases of other (commissioners and Special Advisers dropped) in the remaining 17 LGAs.”

Kayode continues:
“Even the Commissioner that the governor picked, despite manipulating him to work against his former boss, promising him Commissioner for works slot, everything looked sealed until he was sent back to his former office of commissioner of Energy Mineral Resources where he was. So we never gained anything under him apart from slashing from what late Governor Akeredolu offered us.

Then, the issue of his (Aiyedatiwa) results been heavily contested shows that the party may loose out eventually if he gets the ticket, just as it was in Bayelsa state. In liew of this he is not deemed fit to contest the seat, and cannot get the backing of the Core Ifedore people. Those who appears to be with him are doing so for financial gains.”

The secretary also alleges plans of violence against them by the governor:

” Information reaching us from our intelligence gathering was that, he intended to bring thugs to unleash mayhem on the people of Ifedore on the day of primary election. April the 20th.

We are ready to send a letter to the CP, all the Obas in Ifedore, the Presidency and the party secretariat in Akure and National in Abuja in that regards.

We will do all in our power to protect our people and rights in Ifedore as much as we do not want violence in our home, we do not expect that a good leader will want to unleash mahem on his own people because of elections. This is not good for our democracy.

Someone worthy to be called a leader, cannot be deceptive, promising two to three persons same position, a leader cannot but be bold and firm in his decision.”

Abíóyè Kayode expresseses disappointment as to how quickly the governor allegedly forgets his predecessor’s legacies:

” He quickly deswaded from the principles of grassroot development embarked upon by his predecessor, not minding the masses who will immensely benefit from the Local Council Development Areas. He (Aiyedatiwa) enshrowded in self centeredness abandoned these landmark projects to mention but a few.

Doing more of spending billions of naira on the MHAs and others seeking endorsements rather than spend on developmental projects for the people.

We are ready to go on air, radio and TV, newspapers to air our opinion starting Monday 14th April.

He reaffirmed the group’s decision, that they will not back the Governor’s ambition in any way:

“We cannot give a leader like this our support as we see him not fit morally and academically fit to govern the state.”

The statement also alleges that the governor has placed some agents to start conducting fresh party registration membership in Ifedore LGA.

“We are aware of this plot, to cause further confusion in Ifedore, the only valid party membership registration was held in 2021 and as such the charade of his cannot stand.

We call on all stakeholders in the party, security agents and all concerned citizens to call the governor to order, since he has resorted to desperate measures”

Abioye Kayode:
Ifedore Concerned Youths for Good Governance in Ondo State.