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One Yr Stewardship: Rep Boya in the radar of good L’ship, recounting the successes for Adamawa communities


One Yr Stewardship: Rep Boya in the radar of good L’ship, recounting the successes for Adamawa communities

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It’s just one year, on 13th June precisely, Hon (Barr) Wakili Aliyu Boya was sworn in as the truly and duly elected House of Representatives lawmaker representing the good people of Fofure/Song Federal Constituency at the national assembly.

Knowing his tempo and disposition when he became the Chairman of the Fofure local government area of Adamawa State. Boya performed beyond the thinking of his political transducers and opponents by transforming Fofure and its environs. His hard work made the then government of Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindoo give him the mandate of the ALGON Chairman. He delivered this Call to both his colleagues and the entire people of Adamawa State, an office he served so well that the title of Sardaunan Malabu was enthroned on him. This means a lover of a Common Man who can go do much more, much better, and can go the extra mile to give selfless services to humanity.
The confidence of a good leader was reposed on him by the people of Adamawa State, especially the Fofure and Song federal constituency. They beckoned on him to represent them at the national assembly.

As usual, the Young Man went with the zeal, passion, and egalitarian spirit of a good representative. He began to navigate and explore ways to better the lives of his Constituents. Boya hit up the ground with his blueprint of representation as a thinking right legislator with bills for the Establishment of the Federal College of Health Technology Song.

If the bill finally becomes a Law, it will enhance healthcare education and provide advanced training facilities for future healthcare professionals in Song LGA and Adamawa State At large. He sponsored also a Bill for the Establishment of the Federal College of Education Technical Fufore

The Technical College in Fofure if it passes into Law will boost Technical Education, it focuses on developing skilled educators and promoting technical skills within Fofure and Adamawa State at Large. His Motion for the Rehabilitation of Jabbi Lamba-Malabu-Belel Road. It’s an eye on the masses’ urgent need. The road always gets the masses’ attention and gives them sleepless nights. Boya’s urgent need for better infrastructure advocated for the rehabilitation of the road with much economic potential but was neglected for many decades by past leaders.

Boya in his one year in office archived a lot of development and recorded huge successes in the following areas:

– A block of 6 classrooms and an office at GDSS Dasin Hausa, Fufore LGA
– A block of 6 classrooms at Prof Jibril Aminu Primary School, Song LGA.

– Over 2000 students in tertiary institutions across Fufore and Song have received scholarships, supporting their educational journeys.

– Free Eye Surgeries
– Over 2000 individuals from Song and Fufore benefitted from free eye surgeries, significantly improving their quality of life.

-Distribution of Water Pumps and Fertilizer:
– 800 farmers across the two local governments received essential farming inputs, boosting agricultural productivity.

– 250 women trained in liquid soap, shoe, and handbag making, enhancing their entrepreneurial skills.
– 100 youths trained in cassava farming and provided with startup tokens.

– Food Palliatives:
– Distribution of food palliatives to over 15,000 people, alleviating hunger and providing essential support to vulnerable populations.

– Secured permanent federal appointments for two young people.
– Facilitated NDLEA appointments for over five youths from Fufore and Song.

– Provision of 10 transformers across Song and Fufore, improving electricity supply and supporting local businesses.

– Repair of 125 hand pump boreholes, ensuring access to clean water for communities across the two local governments.

Aliyu remains a star, a racing horse whose dignity and pride are running a race to the finishing line. Adamawa is another Man with many attractive features of becoming a leader for the entire state.

His one year in office is just a sign that Fofure and Song federal constituency are lucky to have him around fighting for their course and making sure they enjoy the dividends of democracy. Boya is leading, he is truly representing well.

Congratulations to him for his remarkable achievements as a Mark of excellent representation in his one year in office. To the people of Fofure and Song, I congratulate you all for having HON. BARR ALIYU WAKILI BOYA as your representative.

Tom Garba, PSLC, SPSP
A journalist and publisher of Tgnews

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