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Opinion: The Conspiracy against Sen Lawal Adamu Usman and the power of Destiny


Opinion: The Conspiracy against Sen Lawal Adamu Usman and the power of Destiny

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Umar Sani

Sen Lawal Adamu Usman, popularly known as Mr LA, has always been in the eye of the storm.

Prior to his joining the PDP, he was a founding member of the APC . He laboured and uplifted the name of the party and was part of the team that brought it to limelight in Kaduna State.

He had empowered the low and the mighty through different programmes under the aegis of his Foundation. He has also addressed issues, particularly regarding the education of the youth.

His recent appointment to chair the Senate Education Committee attests to his love for basic education. When the Kaduna State Government under Nasir El-Rufai increased the tuition fees of students of tertiary institutions across the state, he was on hand to wipe away their tears by taking up the responsibility of paying the tuition fees of indigent students.

His foray into politics has been dogged by controversies and conspiracies. His attempt to secure the Senatorial ticket of his party, the APC met, with stiff resistance from the powers that be, even as his popularity continued to soar.

Sensing that he had no future in the ruling party, he opted to join the PDP. He was instrumental to the new reawakening the party experienced in the state. Afraid of his growing popularity and influence, his opponents conspired against him but he triumphed but lost at the general elections to Sen Uba Sani.

His second sojourn itself was greeted with greater conspiracy. His opponents and the party joined hands to fight against his candidacy, but as fate will have it, he was not only successful but triumphant.

Right from the primaries to his declaration as a Senator, he had been inundated with multiple challenges of court cases and unwarranted false media attacks. This were orchestrated by both his known and unknown political enemies, who were and still hell bent in truncating his political career. His growing popularity, acceptability and sphere of influence is a source of discomfort to them.

As the State and National Elections Petitions Tribunal is about to conclude on his matter before them, dangerous rumours are making the rounds that some elements are surreptitiously hatching evil machinations to bribe the Judges with the sum of N50million (fifty million naira) in order to truncate the course of justice and deny him victory in a case his counsel had established and provided sufficient proof of his eligibility and success at the polls.

However, my conviction stands that as a child of destiny, nothing can stand on Senator LA’s way to justice.

. Umar Sani, ex-Special Adviser, Media, to former Vice President Namadi Sambo, is also a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State.