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Opposition Parties are dead in Adamawa as IPAC Chair Merchandises political parties to Gov Fintiri


Opposition Parties are dead in Adamawa as IPAC Chair Merchandises political parties to Gov Fintiri

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It’s a glaring fact, becoming a reality when the Governor of Adamawa State, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri said he will bury opposition Party in the state.

Fintiri made this statement during his first term in office as the Governor of the state, asserted that before leaving the office there will be no any opposition Party that will exist well in the state.

Fintiri’s Statement appeared to be a statement of fact when State Chairman of Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC), Mallam Bello Babajo is accused of shortchanging and commercializing the party in the State to the government of Adamawa.

The accusations by Christopher Nicholas, State Party of Labor Party (LP) said Bello has subjugated IPAC and make it a cash out platform of making money to himself at the detriment of other parties.

According to him Bello in the name of IPAC in many occasions will Collect money from Governor Ahmadu for other Chairmen but will corner it by giving them peanuts.

“Whenever the Governor gives two million to each political Party, Bello will shortage you by giving you one Million. He brought in civil servants to be part of IPAC in the name of building an empire of loyalists in the interest of Governor Ahmadu. All Progressives Congress gave IPAC trucks loaded with Rice, but all cornered to himself.” Christopher said

Bello who is the State Party Chairman of Alliance People’s Movement (APM) Adamawa, Christopher said he has been occupying the IPAC office illegally because he had his two terms tenure according to the provision of the constitution governing the affairs of IPAC.

IPAC in Adamawa is now in the form of controversies as many party Chairmen accused Bello of dubious character and ruling the party with high rated immunity.

Christopher lamented that Bello has sold out all Political parties to Governor Fintiri because he arrogated himself with so much power of the Alpha and Omega IPAC Chairman, he has the power to connive with one’s national leadership to even suspend anybody kicking against his bad style of leadership.

Confirming the many allegations against Bello, the All Progressives Congress (APC) organizing Secretary, Mustapha Atiku Ribadu affirmed that Bello has been a misfit figure for the IPAC Chairmanship position.

He accused Bello of making a big chunk of a morsel of bread using the IPAC office in Adamawa State.

He affirmed that Bello has been selling the interest of all political parties in the State to Governor Fintiri by collecting money and appointment at the detriment of other parties in the State.

He Called on other members of IPAC to remove him and bring in new Chairman because he has also been operating and occupying the office illegally.

Ribadu however reiterated that the statement of Fintiri to have buried opposition Party in the state is not a fact, but it’s a mere political statement that the Governor is aware Adamawa State is a home for APC.

Ribadu stated that the APC Party is fully on ground and dully playing her role as an opposition Party in the state which in due time it will take over the state with the membership might and strength of its roots spread across all towns and villages of the state.

Ribadu said Bello has been laying against a senior big wig of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of dividing any money whenever the Governor gives.

He revealed that currently with the exception of APC all the other political parties Chairmen are under the Fintiri’s SSA arrangement of buying them up , but Bello will Collect thirty thousand Naira from all the chairmen in the name of giving it to a PDP stalwart.

He cleared that: “Even as opposition Party Stakeholder no PDP Man will stoop so low in collecting crumbs at the pains of other parties in the state.

“Bello is just making a business out of IPAC, we are going to face him headlong and make sure we remove him. He has been using IPAC for business ventures not for political purposes.

“This is the Man that his party cannot produce a common councillor in all the Federation, yet is doing this kind of behavior to his fellow Party Men. It’s truly bad, we must do something about it.”

The State Chairman of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Comrade Shehu Yohanna affirmed that Bello is an unfortunate IPAC Chairman Adamawa State has ever produced.

He accused him of bringing in intruders in the fold of IPAC , dispensing genuine members over his penchant desires to make money by using the IPAC Chairmanship.

He said Bello is merchandising IPAC and by his own power he made the office a toothless dog that can not bite the government of the day.

Philip Dawa, Chairman Action Alliance (AA) party has also lent his view that there are many controversies surrounding the Bello led leadership as the IPAC Chairman.

He worried that Bello’s heady way of ruling IPAC is becoming unbecoming that all Stakeholders in IPAC must raise up against his callous way of leadership.

While many have also described Bello’s attitude of an informed person that doesn’t know how to work along with his other colleagues and reiterated that he claimed to be a Man from a Royal clan.

Amos Darius a member of ADC said Bello has been working under ground to be the next first class Chief of Kilba of Ethnic nationalities shall Governor Fintiri shall turban, the reason why Bello has given all the wills and desires of IPAC to him.

This medium contacted Bello to response on the allegations raised by some party Chairmen in the state.

He told this medium that they can go to hell for all he cares because whatever is doing is open and is on record.

He challenged them to bring a prove of any payment or Money given to him by Governor Fintiri.

“Just go head and write whatever you feel like writing. I’m not scare of all this kind of attacks.

“I’m only an adviser of the government, I’m not afraid or timid of all these allegations. If they have their prove of all the money collected so be it they can go to any length to have it retrieved.

“I can’t suspend anyone because I’m not their national leader. Bello Said

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