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Oshiomole under fire Over his Plot to Highjack Edo Ministerial Slot


Oshiomole under fire Over his Plot to Highjack Edo Ministerial Slot

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A leading support group of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC Alliance Network for Democracy has lambasted the former Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomole over plots to highjack the ministerial slot meant for the state.

In a statement released to newsmen in Auchi on Monday by the National Publicity Secretary of the group, Mrs. Elizabeth Suleiman, the group accused the former governor of being inconsiderate and insensitive to the political freedom, balancing and determination as encapsulated by the spirit of ‘Emilokan’ which Mr. President invoked to win the election despite all the hurdles.

We believe that it is morally bankrupt and ethically unjustifiable for Oshiomole to influence the state’s ministerial slot for his Personal Assistant having succeeded in turning virtually all Federal appointments to the state in to a family affair.

For instance, while Oshiomole is currently a serving Senator, his son, Dr Cyril Oshiomole is a Special Assistant to the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Developments Commision (NDDC) on Health.

In the same vein, his younger brother, Mr. Said Oshiomole is also a Special Assistant to the NDDC Commisioner representing Edo state in the Commission.

The Afemai nation is richly endowed with men and resources, but Oshiomole only seemed to be concerned about his family and his Iyamho Uzairue People of Etsako West Local Government of Edo State as most Federal appointments are retained in his village without considering other communities that make up the Affemai nation.

Apart from Oshiomole who is a serving Senator and his family members in NDDC, the Nigerian Ambassador to Mozambique, Barr. Iyamah is from Oshiomole village.

The Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Representatives for South-South Region, Engr. Stanley Dako is from Oshiomole village.

The Police Service Commision member from the state, Mr. Austin Braimah is from Oshiomole village.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commision (EFFC) Board Member from the state, Mr. Luqman Mohammed is from Oshiomole village.

The Deputy Governor of the state, Comrade Philip Shaibu is from Oshiomole village.

The Benin -Owena River Basin Authority member from the state, Engr. Saliu Ahmed is from Oshiomole village.

All these people are from the same nuclear and extended family in Iyamho Uzairue village of Etsako West LGA of Edo State.

The questions are; where is Federal Character, where is justice, where is equity, where is fairness and above all, where is the spirit of Emilokan?

We believe that the greatest of injustice demands the boldest of action.

Hence, we call on Mr. President to politely reject the ministerial nominee coming from Oshiomole because he has lost touch with the spirit of Emilokan which was symbolized by the resounding victory Nigerians gave to him at the polls.

While our demand is self-evidenced by the fact that other Local Governments that make up the Afemai nation are marginalized, but it is not self-executing.

Therefore, we call on Mr. President to put an end to the unfortunate fate being imposed on other Local Government Areas of Edo State by Comrade Adams Oshiomole.


Mrs. Elizabeth Suleiman,
National Publicity Secretary,
APC Alliance Network for Democracy