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By Fenny Fwa

I want to use this medium to commend  president Muhamadu Buhari for his single mindedness and being resolute in the pursuance of  recovering our stolen funds. The effort put in to get the first tranche of the looted funds which have been captured in first interim report  has shown that we are likely to recover over N5 trillion . This effort is therefore worthy of commendation and appreciation. If all our leaders in the past had frontally confronted and decapitated corruption the way this Daura born General is doing, Nigeria would have long ago been like Malaysia, Singapore or South Korea.

This why on this thread I totally disagreed with those crying that the methodology adopted in tracking our resources is violating all legal processes. When they were looting the treasury causing untold hardship to the people, resulting to premature death and other unpleasant outcome, did they follow due process. Even US the so called bastion of democracy breaks established international norms of doing things when their interest is as stake. Is there any international law that allowed America to violate  the territorial integrity of Pakistan by invading the country killing Bin Laden  instead of taking him to Hague to face justice? On this issue our president has the support of most Nigerians to get our stolen resources, no matter the banality of the approach.

My commendation also goes to EFCC and ICPC who have now be reinvigorated under the able leadership of the president and now doing an excellent job. Please continue to go after all Irrespective  of anybody’s position in the society. We need these resources to change the socio- economic landscape of the country for economic growth and driving poverty and hunger that pervade the land. All hands should therefore be on deck to clean the Augean stable for the transformation of our society.

While we commend our no nonsense and incorruptible general, we need to remind him that this anti corruption crusade should simultaneously go along with well articulated Marshall plan on what to do with these monies when they are fully recovered. This why some of us have been  shouting our voice hoarse on the need to have an economic team with a detail blue print on getting our beloved country out of  the woods.

Already the president has five point agenda. The first one is already yielding remarkable results  i.e dismantling corruption. The second is diversifying the economy by fast tracking the development of the agricultural and solid minerals sectors . Thirdly PMB is committed to addressing the decayed  infrastructure and social amenities. Fourthly  he will provide jobs to the teaming unemployed youth rooming the streets and committing heinous crimes. Fifthly PMB is decisive about changing the security architecture of the country so that we shall live in peace and harmony

Now these are not achievable if we don’t have  structures in place with a robust roadmap produced

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