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Police/Military clash: Security agencies are disgracing Nigerians – Mallam Uba


Police/Military clash: Security agencies are disgracing Nigerians – Mallam Uba

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The Tuesday night clash between the Nigerian police of Adamawa Command and the Military officers of the 23 Armor Brigade was condemned and described as a disgraceful act by the system security agencies that need to maintain law and order and protect the territorial integrity of the country.

Mallam Uba Dan’arewa a concerned who is a renowned public commentator in Adamawa State said the Military officers have thrown the state Capital into high tension, confusion that would have resulted in having more casual.

He worried that the clash has further made Nigeria a country with security organizations like the Police and military officers with security weaknesses.

He said the attack on Police formation in Yola, the headquarters of Adamawa state has come at a time President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is in Germany assuring the international communities of the country’s sound security formations.

According to him, the national embarrassment is too much that needs urgent action from the Executives, the Judiciary, and, the legislative arms of the government to take stringent measures to end the security agencies’ rascality.

He enjoined the Legislators to come up with a law that would severely and decisively deal with any security-armed men who are breaking the law over meaningless matters.

Dan’arewa sighted an example of what happened in Taraba, Kaduna, Lagos, and Rivers where Police, Military, and civil defense have exchanged gunshots on issues that do not have national interest.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) strong member called on Nigerians to protest against the unconstitutional behavior of some of the security agencies.

“We are no longer safe in this country if the people we all put our hope on to protect us are not united but divided over issues of no national interest.

“These guys ought to die for us but they are dying over frivolous issues. They have failed to give us the protection we need and secure the country Boko Haram is still reigning down attacks and Bandits in all parts of the country are having their field day kidnapping at will for ransom.

“The clash between Police and military officers in Adamawa attacking the police headquarters is a disgrace to the nation and tells more of how the country’s security architecture is porous.

“I described the whole actions of the security agencies as unpatriotic committed by miscreants,” Dan’arewa said