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Politicians won’t go to court if judiciary is fair, upright – Jonathan


Politicians won’t go to court if judiciary is fair, upright – Jonathan

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan says many politicians will not approach the court if the judiciary had been fair and upright in resolving election disputes.

Jonathan spoke on Tuesday in Asaba, Delta State during the inauguration of the state’s new High Court Complex.

He noted, “My thinking is that 50 per cent of those who go to court go to court because they felt they were cheated by the electoral management system; they were rigged out.

“When you feel naturally aggrieved, you have to go to court. So assuming the elections are properly conducted, they know they failed the election, but they feel they can use the judiciary to declare them winners.

“If the judiciary doesn’t declare who doesn’t win the election that they are winners, that many 50 per cent will not go to court.

“In South Africa, the electoral management body will never compromise, they all know. If you lose the election, you just wait for the next election. You don’t need to go to court.

“Because if you go to court, the judiciary too will not compromise. So you will not get anything.”

The former President also praised the Delta State Government for its efforts in enhancing the working environment of judicial officers.

He also commended Governor Sheriff Oborevwori for his administration’s focus on infrastructural development, and his commitment to completing projects initiated by his predecessors.

He said the project, which was started in 1991, is proof of the government’s dedication to continuity and development.

“There are some projects that are very fundamental to the growth and development of the state. We expect anybody who takes over the government to continue them, and you are doing exactly that,” Jonathan said.

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