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Prof Tahir: A Rising Hope of Education Ministry’s Glory


Prof Tahir: A Rising Hope of Education Ministry’s Glory

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Tom Garba

Over the years I followed him closely, all his ambitions of wanting to be the Governor of Adamawa State, Senator to represent the Northern zone of the state, Prof Tahir Mamman from afar via my relationship with his Nephews,is a prepared Man to solve the problem. A Man with an ever ready blueprint to fix the problem of humanity and fit in the solution.

Tahir, the current Minister of Education is no doubt an excellent educationist who has towed the line many years ago. A veteran in the law profession and bagged the Senior Advocates of Nigerian (SAN) emblem. A former chancellor and a pioneer Director of law schools in many parts of the country. This Man is an idea of governance that the current government is fortunate to have.

His level of education, his experience, his political records, his composure and his excellent spirit of hard work will not only Adamawa state that is lucky to have him, but the entire northern region another Sardauna who will help President Bola Ahmed Tinubu revive the education sector and give it a new leaf and glory. Professor Tahir has and he will give it all to make sure that Nigeria has the best education.

The Adamawa-born Lawyer is a breed of sincerity with less or no traces of corruption in him. The down-to-earth and easy-going Minister I know him to be a goal-getter. A man with many faces of great ideas who is capable of reviving a moribund sector into a giant that can defend a nation. With him in education, I foresee a UK system of Education coming to Nigeria. We will smile again and our hope of good education will surface again with Tahir under Tinubu’s administration.

Many ministers of Education in the past have done their best, and their module of contribution to the development of Nigeria’s education sector is what Professor Tahir will leverage to give what will befit Nigerians. He has started with a template for overhauling the system. It is a hope of the return of the country’s glory of education.

Like the Sardauna days, I’m sure Tahir will once again take Nigerians to the countries of the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia to gain more knowledge in the areas of science and technology, medicine and surgery, telemedicine and cybersecurity, etc.

With the North and many parts of the country’s background status in the area of education, Tahir will consolidate an Education system that will galvanize all citizens including those states considered to be more educated to a country with sound, corrupt free.

Tahir’s days at Base University as the Vice Chancellor and the Director General of Law school where he graduated the best students every year has shown that the tall and brilliant Man has tall ideas to change the ugly story of our education system.

Like a stray bullet, governance does discriminate, Tahir’s vision of renewing hope in Nigerians is not a gain saying that he is well positioned to reposition the system that will touch every Nigerian so that a smile of hope will radiate in the faces of all. It’s Not a Flaw In the System before, it is the vision and dreams of leaders that determine a working system. Tahir has come with new vigor and strength, vision and dream to give a future in the system whose features were dampened by waned-up leaders who were possibly fed up that the education system would not work again.

It is of Paramount Importance to note that this Administration is opportune to have Professor Mamman Tahir, a Recipient internation awarded as a constitutional lawyer, a Man of Excellence and Integrity And Widely Respected Throughout the country and many countries across the globe is known to stand For The People’s Fundamental Rights.

His Burning Passion to Help the less privileged was stimulated by his Love For Humanity And The Desire For The privileged in Society To Enjoy The Good Things Of Life Like Other Privileged Persons. This thread in him I’m sure is the driving force that will make him work well and better for Nigerians.

Thank God, there has come a Man to bring back Nigeria’s lost glory in the Education sector. I call on Nigeria to give him the needed support.

Thank Mr President your wise decision on Tahir is the best option that will sort best the interest of all Nigerians.

Prof carry on! God has your back, we are behind you at all times. All the best!

Tom Garba wrote this opinion in Jimeta, Yola North Local Government Adamawa State.You can reach him through these means : 08030525759,