Propagation of Gospel: Cleric Set to Create a record in Guinness World book


Propagation of Gospel: Cleric Set to Create a record in Guinness World book

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In a bid to create a Guinness world record, Reverend Emmanuel Sunday Olorunmagba , the president of Total Liberation Mission said all is set to Commence a sixty-hour marathon sermon to propagate the gospel of God all over the world.

According to him, the decision to embark on a marathon sermon is in total obedience to the Bible, specifically some verses he quoted.

Speaking at a world press conference at the weekend, Reverend Emmanuel Sunday Olorunmagba explained: “I have resolved amongst other things to always take advantage of any opportunity to reach out with the Living Word of God, seizing any moment to present the message of salvation, hope, deliverance, healing, encouragement, reproof, and rebuke; with the aim that as many people as possible will be touched.

“This is my number one goal for seizing the opportunity of this Guinness World Record attempt. Hence, if those of you whose aim is also to ensure the word of God is brought to people at all costs, I invite you to partner with this move and disappoint your religious dogmatism (for those still holding to it).”

The anchor man for the Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt for the World Longest Sermon Marathon by Individual, however, said, “I envisage more attacks from religious folks who believe that preaching the word of God or reaching out with the Gospel must be in strict adherence to their hold-tight religious fundamentalism. Even my Lord Jesus did not find it easy with the religious folks of His days as He was criticized, attacked, persecuted and even brutally murdered for His system of reaching out to people, which was not in total agreement with the religious dogmatic and fundamentalist of that era.

“He (Lord Jesus) was called a glutton, a drunk and friend of tax collectors. He was seen as always going against even the religious beliefs of the Jews. Yet they claimed to be seeds of Abraham. But Jesus reminded them that if truly they were seeds of Abraham they would do the work of Abraham and not seek to kill Him.

“Just like many religious folks including but not limited to even Pastors and other Servants of God that are supposed to have a better understanding, they have been lending themselves to the devil as an instrument of attacks to attempt to kill this vision of reaching out to the wider audience through taking advantage of Guinness World Record (GWR). But as my Lord Jesus Christ said to Peter when he (Peter) allowed himself to be used by the devil, I say to all those who have becinstrumentsment of attack in the hand of the devil, trying to discourage me, “…Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offense unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” -Matthew 16:23

” Nevertheless, even if those religious dogmatic folks continue to erroneously assume that it is not good to take advantage of a good opportunity like this to reach more people with the Gospel (the word of God), then just obey the following scripture: Philippians 1:18
“But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this, I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice.”

” In line with the Bible as quoted above, even if some Christians continue to assume that my proposal to use the Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt as an opportunity to reach out with the word of God is from false motive, as far as it is the word of our God that I will reach out with, the reaction of a true child of God should be to rejoice and “continue to rejoice.”

“I am most grateful to all of you present for this Press Conference. And all of you supporting already including those who still promised to support, God bless you all in Jesus Mighty Name.”