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Protest looms as Adamawa Prince decry of marginalization over establishment of Mubi Fed Agric Uni


Protest looms as Adamawa Prince decry of marginalization over establishment of Mubi Fed Agric Uni

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One of Adamawa Stakeholder and Prince,
Mr Fenny Fwa has decried over the exclusion of the Adamawa Southern senatorial zone by the Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

According to him, in running a federal system, especially in a democracy such as the one we are using in the country , appointments and allocation of social amenities in the various constituencies making up of the federation , the criteria used are fairness, justice and quota system.

Fwa in his opinion article made available to TG NEWS said the approval of the take off of federal university of Agriculture in Mubi has not been fair to the federal constituencies of the Southern Adamawa with nine Local Government areas.

Fwa who is a retired permanent secretary with the Adamawa state government revealed that Mubi Senatorial District with five Local Government areas (LGAs) is now having two Universities, a Federal Polytechnic, a State school of Health Technology, while Southern Senatorial Districts and the whole of Ganye and Numan federation with nine LGAs and harbours twice the population of Mubi District has no university, no polytechnic or even college of Education, nor a health institution.

He revealed also the Adamawa Central Senatorial District has Federal University, a Federal and State colleges of Education and Nursing school.

He worried that discrimination against the Southern Senatorial District is glaring more so that the Senator representing the area, Rev Binos Yaroe sponsored a bill establishing Federal University of Education in Numan and was approved and became a law before the law establishing Federal university of Agriculture Mubi..

“Why that of mubi was chosen and that of Numan is still shocking and this act offends fairness and justice, which are the hall of democracy. Even Federal appointments so far, Central and North senatorial districts have been patronized, while we have none.

“These are the kinds of social injustice that breed protest that may culminate to violent. To nip the bud, I advice that our federal, state legislators and eminent elders from the district should come together and formally write a letter of complaint, highlighting the issues raised to the president and copied to the minister of education and the National Security Adviser. The adhoc body should follow up with a visit to the president and the other 2 political appointees, drawing attention to our predicament.

“This is a serious matter that ought to unite all of us, putting aside our political differences and personal animosities. If we don’t do that despite our advancement in education, we will continue to be hewers of wood and drawers of water.” Fwa said