Ramadan: Senator Bindow greets Muslim Ummah, urges them to pray for the nation


Ramadan: Senator Bindow greets Muslim Ummah, urges them to pray for the nation

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The immediate past Governor of Adamawa State, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow has extended his warm greetings to the Muslim Ummah for their commitment to embark for fasting spiritual exercise of the holy Month of Ramadan.

The former Governor assured that their act of Ibadat will never go unrewarded as God’s Mercy is handy and available to answer all their prayers.

He congratulated them for reaching the 20th day of the fasting period and wished that the counting down will meet everyone to a successful ending.

He urged them In the last 10 days renew their intentions and ask Allah (SWT) to guide them on the way forward so that they can continue to be good and just.

He called on them to renew their hope in watching out for the Laylatul Qadr when God bring down the Holy Quaran.

“As the holy month of Ramadan approaches its close, we are reminded how important the last 10 days of Ramadan really are. It is during this time that the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet on Laylatul Qadr, and though we don’t know exactly which day in these last 10 days of Ramadan our Holy Scripture was revealed, we do know that each of these nights brings immense rewards.O Allah! Direct us to the Right Path and make us adhere to the Straight Path.” Bindow prayed

He further made a call to all Muslim Ummah to pray in the last days of Ramadan for God to heal Nigeria for the excruciating pains and suffering caused by the hard economy, and take away the sufferings of all Nigerians

“Ramadan Kareem”, he said