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I read a submission written by one wearing a mask in the name Murtala Mohammed Abubakar with keen interest and I am happy that the author himself acknowledged that I have been a teacher, an educationist and administrator who served and retired peacefully at Federal College of Education.

I understand that the writer has just recovered from malaria, may be a cerebrospinal version which I know atimes infects and affects the psychy of the patient; for that some of the misconceptions and misinformation in his memoirs are forgiven.

I must appreciate TGNews for publishing my version of the story for free, just to have a balance rapotage, which signify a good up coming media house.

It may interest you all to note and be educated that we have been operating the Atiku Abubakar Center for two decades without the support of any grants or allocation from any body and we have exposed hundreds of our graduates to all national examinations like; WAEC, NECO and NBAIS and they have been gaining admissions in all conventional Institutions of higher learning in Nigeria at all levels of education with excellent performance records.

After receiving the complaint from our ex student on how he was treated by the authorities of Modibbo Adama University a newly converted conventional University, albeit his record of performance in the department where he was admitted ;We met at our management level and decided to take up the matter with the examination body and other relevant regulatory agencies as the matter at stake is a policy issue may be beyond the limits of the University management.

Consequently we wrote the ES of NBIAS to inform him the status of his examination before a Nigerian Conventional University and copied NUC, Minister of Education, the Registrar and VC of MAU Yola and to our remaining board members including the Wazirin Adamawa H.E Atiku Abubakar, Ganwari Ganye Alh Adamu Sanda and Wallin Ganye Alh Sadiq Muhammad. Our attached minutes records will enlighten you on our structure.

Modibbo Adama University of Technology formally was converted into a full fledged Conventional University where all faculties including newly established beside the old science and technology courses are expected to flourish alongside the old ones, as a result the general entry requirements must be changed to suit its current status, but unfortunately no one ever worked on that,; but what other qualifications do a candidates require beside sitting for a formal Nationally recognize examination, apply and write JAMB, get the desired cutoff points and be granted admission to the university of his (students) choice? this is exactly what Usman Salihu did to gain admission in to MAU, Yola, happily the student was screened by the university enrollment body and was offered admission, sat for his first and second semester examination score CGPA of 4.47 in his first semester examination only to be served with a withdrawal letter and such an action should not be outrightly questioned then something most be wrong with the person, beside the quality of the student as per his performance amidst several other students should have been enough encouragement to a reasonable educationist to explore the possibility of creating access for students with similar backgrounds to be granted admission into the University, but instead they issued a blanket order that all students with NBIAS from Atiku Abubakar Center, Ganye and elsewhere should not be admitted by the university,.

In the advance world, genius like Usman Abubakar discovered are directly admitted to study any course up to PhD research programs or masters.

This is one of reasons why we insisted that teachers training program is a must for anyone aspiring to be a teacher or lecturer not just a PhD or M Sc. I am not sure if the said committee formed to look into the case has some trained teachers amongst them, I am sure they could have guided the rest, unfortunately they were merely professors NOT trained teachers, it is not surprising as a primary school teacher in the neighboring French colonies of Cameron and elsewhere is also called La Professor, I don’t know whether these are the type of professors that decided to withdraw a student that score CGPA of 4.47 in his first semester examination.

I am always upset with the colonial mentality that is still the bane of Africans development, with several PhD and Professors littered all over the place but with little or no impact on the continent; as many are merely copy and paste, hooks line and sinker academic pilagerers, if not you will wonder how after 35 years of existence as Federal University of Technology in the sunshine state of Yola no Solar energy Solutions ever come up from the University to serve even the faculty of engineering talk less of extending it to the neighboring communities but yet several people were promoted to the ranks of Professors, still wondering of what?

The aim of our complaints to the relevant authorities is to save the NBIAS graduate from discrimination against their certificates nationwide, not only of Atiku Abubakar Center Ganye, or from modibbo Adama University but nationwide.
When and where a University is licensed to be a conventional University, it must redefine its minimum entry requirements; and rejection of students that are admitted by JAMB after meeting all the requirements will be an unacceptable thing which we considers as discriminatory and a segregation against the innocents, which in the eyes of teachers is unacceptable.

We should not forget that a student within a university has the right to switch courses as he can afford based on his performance and capacity, which is not the case of Usman Salihu rather an outright withdrawal from the university after staying for two good semesters and exhibiting an excellent performance.

May I educate you and your Candido masked writer that I openly defend any injustice meted on any one especially when it affects my field of training, education! You claim that “the intent is not to right a wrong but to injure the image of the Vice Chancellor and by extension the institution, but as an educationist not merely a lecturer this’s the least I can do to the University to correct their wrongful actions in the interest of education and the nation.

May I close and even conclude by what Albert Einstein said ” Education is NOT the Learning Of Facts But The Training Of The Mind To Think”

Thank you for hearing my side of the story.

Muhammad Sani Jada.Yola, Adamawa State. Nigeria.