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Rituals: How Lunguda Minor miraculously rescued in Anambra as Adamawa Monarch worries of 18 still in captivity


Rituals: How Lunguda Minor miraculously rescued in Anambra as Adamawa Monarch worries of 18 still in captivity

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Mundi Musa Ibrahim who organises Destiny safe return and reunites him with his immediate Family

A Minor who was identified as Destiny believed to have been kidnapped by men of the underworld for ritual purposes in Guyuk, Adamawa state was miraculously rescued in Nnewi, Anambra state.

Eight Years Destiny according to the narration of Lunguda traditional council’s Kinsman, Engr Mundi Musa Ibrahim was taken to Nnewi by unidentified persons who came to their community in the name of helping the less privileged.

Musa narrated Destiny’s ordeal to our Yola Correspondent that he escaped from the dungeon of his abductors in Nnewi where they don’t allow them to go out and ran into luck of meeting a good Samaritan in Nnewi who helped him to a secured place.

According to Musa, it was the good Samaritan who took Destiny to a Northern Community Leader known as Sarkin Hausawa in Nnewi.

The Sarkin Hauwa and the good Samaritan Musa said were pleaded to be anonymous and which he was later contacted when the video of Destiny went viral over social media.

He said Luckily the Sarkin Hauwa is from Adamawa when Destiny managed to say “Lunguda” is his tribe from Guyuk Local Government area of Adamawa State.

Musa has been a social media influencer immediately he got the video and confirmed that Musa is truly from Lunguda chiefdom he organized his safe return.

The safe return of Destiny from Nnewi, Anambra state was praised by many social media commentators and appreciated the good samaritan, the sarkin Hausawa, and Musa for the key role they played.

Musa confirmed that Destiny was hale and hearty as he drove him down to Guyuk, the palace of Kurehaye from Yola when Destiny arrived from Anambra.

Hundreds of well-wishers over the social handle (Facebook) Musa commended the Monarch for taking the bull by its horns to make sure Destiny is returned safely.

These are some of their comments

“Glory be to God!!! Destiny, you are indeed a destiny child and you shall fulfill your destiny in Jesus name. Kudos to HRM our dear Kwandi Nunguraya and others for their efforts to reunite Destiny with his parents. God bless you all.

“To GOD be the glory. The devil, his powers, and principalities have been put to shame. May he live long in good health to honor and glorify GOD.

” Destiny is now a celebrity woo. My King My Pride HRH Dr Kuruhaye Dishon Dansanda be giving me joy and boasting my head. I am proud you are my King. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

” I’m so happy, parents we need to always tell our children their roots, just by mentioning his tribe save this boy, how old is he, please? ”

Musa Handed escaped Destiny to His Royal Highness the Kwandi Nunguraya, Kuruhaye Dishon Dansanda on Destiny returned from Anambra and reunited him with his immediate family.

When contacted, Kwandi Nunguraya lamented that there are other kids still in the custody of their abductors whose fate is in the hands of security agencies.

He confirmed that many people have visited the community to have come to render help to the less privileged, especially orphans and the vulnerable.