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Salihijo: Arewa group blasts COWAFIJ, says they are sponsored to tarnish northern leaders


Salihijo: Arewa group blasts COWAFIJ, says they are sponsored to tarnish northern leaders

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A group advocating and advancing the course of good governance has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to ignore the baseless call of a southern group under the platform of a coalition of West African Investigative Journalists (COWAFIJ) who are demanding the removal of Ahmad Salihijo Ahmed

Arewa Movement for Good Governance (AMGG) whose main mission is to ensure good governance through transparency and accountability in Nigeria had accused COWAFIJ of having an anti-Northern agenda.

AMGG in a statement reiterated their call to President Bola to jettison COWAFIJ demands of probing the rural Electrification Agency’s Managing Director, Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad who they are accusing of corruption of stealing public funds.

According to AMGG, it is unfortunate the that some southern elites are sponsoring COWAFIJ as one of the toothless dogs to fight Northerners in high political office at the time the country is undergoing a healing process under the Bola’s hope-renewable mandate to all Nigerians.

While accusing COWAFIJ of fabricating the story to tarnish the good image of Ahmad because is doing well in the agency but asked President to see the Young Man (Ahmad) as an intelligent Nigerian who is having a bright future for Nigerians.

According to AMGG, it is irrational to say a woofing sum of 759 Million US Dollars was given as a grant by the world bank and the African development bank can not be properly used under the watch of those organizations.

AGMM COWAFIJ replied that the so much noise of Salihijo having multiple is being overblown and such accounts existed long before he even assumes office.

AGMM whose statement signed by its Chairman, Comrade Umar Usman said COWAFIJ failed below the standard of the ethics of journalism and who is a true journalist on the balanced report.

Therefore condemned the report of COWAFIJ and consider it a sponsored tarse investigation to discredit Northern leaders who are doing well to support the course of good governance.