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Sallah message: Hon Louis urges Muslims, Christians to co-habit


Sallah message: Hon Louis urges Muslims, Christians to co-habit

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In a special way to greet the Muslim Ummah in Adamawa State, Hon(Dr)Louis S Mandama, mni, Federal Commissioner independent corrupt practices and other related offenses Commission (ICPC) representing North-East urged Christians and Muslims to co-habit.

Louis, who was Adamawa’s former head of service said both religions preaches about Humanity as God the creator of Living and nonliving things.

He said Humans are God’s special creative ability but selflessness and greed have turned many away from the truth.

He called on Muslim Ummah to extend a love and care attitude as the similitude of God’s nature to all humanity.

According to him, Ramadan is a practical month of Love and its sundry lessons teaches and preaches about God’s special plans for humanity.

Louis for this, therefore said if Nigerians can just use the doctrines of love taught in both Christians’ and Muslims’ holy books the people will forever cohabit and the country will have an unprecedented development.

While congratulating the Adamawa Muslim Ummah on the occasion of eid fitr he salutes them for the spiritual tedious tasks they went through during the Ramadan Fasting period.