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Sallah: Ram sellers count their losses in Kaduna


Sallah: Ram sellers count their losses in Kaduna

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Ram sellers in Kaduna State have decried the very low patronage ahead of the Sallah festivities.

Most of the ram sellers in Kaduna, interviewed by DAILY POST, complained that the business of selling Rams during Sallah festivities is no longer what it used to be some years ago.

Alhaji Adamu Suleiman said he has been in the business for years but lamented that this year in particular is different following the low patronage and number of people coming to buy rams for the celebration.

According to him, “Honestly, the situation is so fearful that you spend a whole day waiting for buyers but hardly get two people coming to buy. The worst thing, even the few who come to buy, you end up not getting one person who will buy the Ram.

“The economic hardship has seriously affected most people that most of us selling the Rams, in particular, may start thinking of embarking on other things to do because of the losses most of us are going to incur. Maintaining the Rams for days and ending up not selling them will make some of us count our losses and may not continue with the business of selling Rams any longer until the situation improves.”

“I always sell a great number of Rams in times like this, this year is a different thing that most of us have not experienced since we started the business of selling Rams to our brothers and sisters during the Sallah festivities.”

Another seller, Mohammed Dauda said selling of Rams this year is discouraging, stressing that the low patronage is a signal that not all is well with Nigerians.

He noted, “Some years back, the business was rewarding as many people bought and shared with loved ones in different parts of the country. This year, only a few are coming to buy for their personal use, which goes to show that the present economic hardship is seriously biting hard.

“During this time of the year when Nigerians are approaching the Sallah festivities, well-to-do people always buy Rams in great numbers to share with their loved ones. This year, it is a different situation altogether. However, we pray for a peaceful celebration of the Sallah festivities.”

In most parts where Rams are being sold in Kaduna town, the situation is almost the same as most Ram sellers are complaining of very low patronage this year attributing it to the present hardship and the high cost of things in the market.

Most markets visited also recorded low patronage of foodstuff and clothes as the story is the same with most people complaining about how to take care of their families.

According to Musa Tukur, “What we are experiencing in Nigeria is our greed that a particular group of people must be in elective positions not minding whether they can lead the country in the right way. I pray that these things that are happening in the country will teach us the sense that elections should be based on individual capability to manage and direct the country in a way everybody will enjoy the dividends of democracy.”

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