Sallah: Sen Abbo distributes 6,000 bags of Rice to Adamawa North electorates


Sallah: Sen Abbo distributes 6,000 bags of Rice to Adamawa North electorates

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As the Eid-Kabir is fast approaching to mark the end of the Ramadan Fasting Period, Senator Ishaku Abbo has distributed six thousand bags of rice to the electorates of Adamawa Northern Senatorial District to celebrate the coming Sallah.

It’s Abbo’s act of kindness and his usual way of supporting Christians and Muslim faithful in festive periods.

The gesture elated the people of Mubi North and Mubi South who are the direct beneficiaries today.

Abbo was represented by a team of delegations to monitor a fair distribution to the intended people said the 6000 bags of rice was delivered in 10 trailers is intended to reduce the hardship people are going through

Dr Babakarewa and Abbo’s Chief of Staff, Honorable Joel, Maiwake were all in Mubi and ensured the success of the distribution.

Some of the beneficiaries responded that since the history of the Senatorial District, no one has ever given this kind of support in the name of the Sallah celebration.

According to them, Abbo has no political match mate, despite not being in office, he remains a political Pillar to reckon with in Adamawa State and God’s willing they will ever support him whenever it is time.

Babakarewa in his own words said that Abbo is a great Man his impact is being felt despite him not being in office.

He said they are ready to defend him, go with him to any length,, and at any time, especially in 2027 he declares his intentions to contest God’s will.