S’court verdict: Fintiri talks tough, vows to prosecute Hudu, others


S’court verdict: Fintiri talks tough, vows to prosecute Hudu, others

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The outcome of the supreme Court judgment affirming Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as the dully elected Governor of Adamawa State.

The Governor in a state broadcast addressed the citizens of the state and talked tough, vowed to prosecute the state’s Resident electoral commissioner (REC), Barr Hudu Ari Yunusa and all those connived and acted irresponsible, unlawfully during the last Governorship election.

Fintiri while condemning the irresponsibility and criminality act of Hudu, he reiterated that: ” as for those who connived with the REC to make us pass through those democratically embarrassing moments, I want to assure you once again, that we owe it a duty to prosecute all of them according to the dictates of the law. This is the only way we can protect our electoral process and democratic culture from undue abuse.”

He praised the judiciary as the last hope of the common Man who at at the different layers of the courts have indeed painstaking dissected the petition brought at various levels and came out with a judgement that resonates with the people of Adamawa State. To him the judgement was fair and just, reaffirmed his belief in the judiciary.

Fintiri made an open call to all in the opposition and those that want the state to develop to join hands with his government to take the state to another stage of development.

“To the litigants and everyone that has Adamawa at heart to set aside whatever misgivings and move on. We have wasted enough time. We have raised false hopes and rendered enough havoc to the anxious psyche of our supporters. We have inflicted enough injury to our bond and unity as a people. I am saying now, enough is enough! There is a limit to what falsehood can achieve. Adamawa state is greater than each one of us. The task ahead is enormous, requiring unity of purpose, a pooling of resources, integration of talents, and leveraging the unique attributes of each of us, to reinvent a better society for our people.” Fintiri said

He continued to say that:”I have remained calm when the coup to steal your mandate failed. Even when the perpetrators had the temerity and shamelessness to go to the Courts looking for what they failed to forcefully take, my conduct has remained the same. I don’t look for what is not mine. But I have in reckless abundance, the patience and courage to protect what is rightfully mine against any predator. This is what defines my path in politics. A path that leads my spirit to collect all my senses in one place even when provoked. I give all the glory to God that we are where we are today. The Supreme Court verdict of Wednesday 31st January 2024, has officially closed all the noise on the 2023 election in Adamawa State. The days of lying and deceits are over. The moments of false propaganda and cheap talks are gone.

“It is no longer in contest that Adamawa state is a state for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). This has been affirmed both at the polls and in the courts. The people have spoken loud and clear. A testament to this, is our latest victory at the Mayo Belwa Constituency House of Assembly rerun election. I want to thank everyone who participated in this election, especially the voters who felt that the best icing they can put on the cake of the Supreme Court verdict, for us as a party and our dear state is that we deserved victory. It isn’t a win for the candidate or even for Mayo- Belwa alone, it is a win for the PDP and everyone who believe in the Adamawa Project under my leadership.”

While appreciating the citizens of the state, Fintiri said the people voted for PDP believing that is the best for them and stood by him at a time when some miscreants wanted to steal their mandates.
“You were there with us in the various courtrooms to demonstrate your resistance to state capture. You never wavered. For doing all these and more, you have proved that your love for us, for your state and for the future of Adamawa State is beyond quantification. We are forever indebted to you for choosing yourself and the future of our dear State in this journey. This judgement is a tonic to spur Professor Farauta and I, to do more for you and our dear state.

“As a government, we are humbled by the fact that the best way to pay back is to serve you well. By serving you well, I mean a renewed dedication to our ongoing policy of free education through functional public school system and payment of WAEC and NECO for our children; provision of healthcare and health insurance that makes it easier for the vulnerable to access quality service with ease: continuity in the provision of urban and rural infrastructure;

“continuity of policies that empower our women and youths; continuity of justice and fair play; continuity of peace and a security architecture that makes your life a priority; continuous onslaught against the nefarious urban miscreants known as the Shila boys; continuity in a system that confers on you pride, dignity and self- respect as brethren of Adamawa State and indeed more reinforcement that would forever bury election bandits into a pit beyond resurrection.” He said