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Binta Masi has decided to join the fray over the governorship elections in Adamawa state, albeit on a wrong foot. Visibly blinded by unsound partisan motives,she descended to crass fabrication of untruths, distortion of facts and prevaricarions like many others that see their dreams of an APC government in Adamawa state. But more amazing is the fact that the level she descended to negates the morals that many ascribed to her in the past.

If the records of the things happening in the state are anything to go by,Senator Masi Garba has bitten more than she can chew. It is very unfortunate that a person of her Calibre,once entrusted to the lofty position of a Senator of the Federal Republic will descend so low as to stab the people in the back by going on national television to denounce their choice for governor.

To all that know Michika and it’s people ,Senator Masi has just shot her foot as far as politics is concerned in that highly enlightened area of Adamawa state.

Senator Masi’s crude misrepresentation of facts about the electoral process in Michika are totally unfounded. Her allegations against the Commissioner of Police and the Brigade Commander are blatant lies that contradicts the efforts they exhibited as far as laying siege to His Excellency’s situation room following a false accusations of ballot stuffing against the PDP.

The lies by Masi therefore can best be viewed as as continuity of a concerted effort of a desperate gang of disillusioned politicians who like a drowning man would hold on to even a straw.

In modern times ,even with our faulted BVAS that brought a questionble presidential election, it is not so difficult to know where malpractices occur.

For sure,in the catalogue of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s areas of full scale bashing of the APC, the gap in Michika was less than expected. The APC should in fact be proud of their outing in that area having been able to get what they got or did not get.

Her assertion of what happened in Kano,where the APC,her party was caught over-voting is a replication of the outrageous 37,000 votes they intended to steal in Fufore.Atleast she has continuously mentioned this fictitious 37000 gotten after results sheets were dubiously stolen in Fufore. Thanks to the vigilance of PDP polling agents,the dogged stance of Honorable Idi Hong and the stoic in partiality of the police officers in Fufore,the brazen snatching of the EC8C form by APC thugs would have been a fait accompli that would have ushered in chaos and probably bloodshed.

For the benefit of people like Binta Masi,that only believe in power,nothing is wrong as long as it favors them.
Muddled and confused in her labyrinth of lies,she claims that INEC revisited the results in Kano and Abia states. This is a lie proven by serious checks. To what good would such lies lead her? If she so desperately craves power ,she should employ matured and genuine figures to buttress her position and not just cling to tissues of lies.

Just like some members of her party,Binta Masi is so obsessed with winning the governorship elections in Adamawa. While sober minds within the party have come to grips with the reality that the PDP is the dominant party in the state,a small group of die-hards,living in a dream world is trying to snatch power by hook or by crook. To this group of Masi a d her ilk,a lot of disappointment awaits them as all their antics will come to naught. The now vigilant electorates will prove to them that the writing on the wall is the wish of the people.

The defeat of the APC,despite the super machinery set up to steal the elections has failed.

In the same fashion,all attempts to thwart the mandate of the people to the PDP and Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri will fail. The 15th of April rerun will only give the people of Adamawa an opportunity to dance over the prostrate APC in Adamawa state. By the time the count is done,no one will be left in doubt that the vile and crooked means employed by the enemies of democracy cannot prevail over the determined will of the people.

On a final note,Binta Masi should do the needful. She should go on her knees ,confess the truth on the elections in Michika, ask for forgiveness from her people and stop making undue noise over a lost cause. Failure to do so can only relegate her to the thrash-bin of politics in that area.

The next few days are that she has to do the needful,retrace her steps and confess the truth of the 2023 governorship elections in Adamawa state or risk political perdition.
Binta! Binta!! Binta!!! Do the needful before your time for political redemption is up.

By George Kushi