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Senate Presidency: Tinubu asked me to withdraw for Akpabio, Umahi says


Senate Presidency: Tinubu asked me to withdraw for Akpabio, Umahi says

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During his arrival to Ebonyi State from Abuja on Monday, Governor David Umahi revealed that he was urged by Bola Tinubu, the President-elect, to step down from the race for the 10th Senate’s presidency in favor of Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Governor Umahi stated that he had discussed his candidacy for the senate presidency with Tinubu and ultimately agreed to Tinubu’s request in the interest of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the South East zone.

He said, “I discussed the issue with him when he was in Paris and on return to the country, he invited me.

“It was an honour to be invited by the president-elect and he told me that he had made commitments.

“It is his right as the president-elect to make commitments and anyone running for such office makes promises.

“I did not want to be a clog in the wheel of his progress so I accepted.

“We cannot continue opposing everything as politics is all about dialogue, give and take.

“What could have happened if I said no and considering our efforts to promote the APC in the zone, we will get a tangible position.”

Speaking further, Umahi said he had no idea of any resolution of senators from the southeast to back former Abia Governor, Sen. Orji Kalu to become the Senate president.

“I am the chairman of the Akpabio campaign council and can tell you that we have more APC senators on our side,” he said.

The Ebonyi State governor boasted that the last thing he would do would be to lobby to be appointed a minister in the incoming government. According to him, the decision is for Tinubu and the party to make.

“I will accept whatever God wills for me but as a person, I will prefer to be in the senate to rest.

“I will however, have no choice if it is the sacrifice to make in the interest of the party, south-east and to help the president-elect,” he said.