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SGF is a Selfish Nigerian says Adamawa Lawmakers


SGF is a Selfish Nigerian says Adamawa Lawmakers

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The lawmakers under the platform of people’s Democratic party (PDP) representing Michika and Madagali at National Assembly (Green Chambers) Hon. Adamu Kamale and his Adamawa state House Assembly counterpart member,Hon. Emmanuel Tsandu unanimous accused the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Engr Babachir David Lawal of being a selfish individual who will only do something meaningful to his people and his community.

Adamu who had sponsored a Bill to rebuilt and construct the Bridge connecting Kaala and Maraban Mubi,the bridge linking Michika and Madagali with the one in Kuzom to Madagali and Mubi, all damaged as a result of Insurgents attacks.

According to him the passage of Bill is to make sure the three Bridges are to be constructed at the same time frame but to his surprised only kaala bridge was singled for construction and is now 100% completed since over three months ago leaving the other two untouched.

On his own view Hon. Emmanuel Tsandu said he tried seeing Lawal to work ways on how to rebuilt all the bridges,schools, places of worship, social amenities which are massively been destroyed by Boko Haram in the Northern part of Adamawa state are being  properly rehabilitated but all effort prove abortive.

According to him Lawal on a mission to only work for his community and people not Nigerians.

“Within the shortest possible time he rebuilt the bridge,tarred the road leading to his community and electrify the entire community which was not serious attacked by Boko Haram”. Tsandu Laments

“Babachir is so selfish to us from the Boko Haram most attacked areas ,as I’m talking to you he has not send any support materials to Magadali who are still being attacked by this insurgents,our bridges that links us to Michika and Mubi was smashed down and body is given us serious attention”.

He also argued that all what he kept on hearing is that there is a plan to rebuild the entire Northern Adamawa ravaged by the insurgents.

“All what i do hear is there is a plan to rebuilt our ruined places by the Federal Government. They are making the whole thing to exist in the pages of newspaper, they are using Media men to be making serious noise about it without real action”. He added

In a swift reaction the former national vice chairman of the ruling party from the North East zone,Dr Umar Duhu says that the SGF is not selfish, rather he is being a tactician on doing what a normal politician should do.

” Why on earth would he empower an enemy from the rival political party going cap in hand looking for what he will grab and later turn round to tell the electorates that, it’s his efforts not that of the SGF or APC Government”? Umar asked

Umar continue to say that the ” APC as a Party would have called the SGF names if he had listened to the embattled law maker ‘Tsamdu’, if he had have his ways. Let him and his party begin to understand that, they are now in the opposition. The APC Government knows exactly what to do at the appropriate time. Security of lives and property is what the APC Government is seriously dealing with at the moment.”

“There is serial contradiction from the statements of the law maker. On one hand he said, his constituency is still under the attack of Boko Haram and  yet he wants the SGF of APC Government to mobilize men and resources to the sites affected at the expense of their lives and safety?

“It is very true that the SGF has facilitated the rehabilitation of schools and a damaged bridge that fall within some areas that where less vulnerable. There is indeed nothing wrong with that, since there has never been insurgency attack on those areas for a very long time. When the Boko Haram insurgents are defeated completely, total rebuilding and rehabilitation of our areas across the entire North East will start for good.

“Let me at the juncture sound a sound of warning to Emma Tsamdu and any member of the opposition political party, that we will no longer take it lightly with anyone of you if and of you personally attack our revered leaders. The APC Leaders and its Government does not and will not take advises that are not constructive. The APC has enough men and material to deal with issue inline with the established norms.

“If the APC Government in Adamawa State is being too magnanimous to the only Three opposition Law Makers in Adamawa State house of Assembly, they should limit themselves to their prism, and not to think the largess and patronage they get in Adamawa State is applicable across board. The APC has personalities that need to be empowered if the time comes, and not an opposition Law Maker to tell the Governing APC what and how to do its job.”

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