Shelleng : The story of a forgotten Kingdom…Sen Bindow made a good History


Shelleng : The story of a forgotten Kingdom…Sen Bindow made a good History

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Sheleng the administrative base of Sheleng Local Government of Adamawa state was discovered to have traditional institution style of leadership since 1904, second to be known after Lamido Adamawa Emirate council by then colonial tasked Masters (Lord Frederick Lugard),Where it Houses Lala,Kana kuri,Kiri, Bura and Lunguda as the dominant tribes.

Since 1904 to date according to an elder statesman of the area,Isah Abubakar Sheleng said the area had a successful leadership of 11 traditional monarch,with a verse arable land,and 95% of the people are land cultivators, fishermen and living along the coastal areas of lake chad River basin, River Gongola which flows down to Benue River,immensely contributing to the development of the state but no Government put the area into consideration to get a good accessible road.

The sad and pitiful story originating from the lips of the people is that despite the Major contributions in generating revenue to the LGA, state and even the country,no Government make any successful efforts to construct the 37 Kilometer road that connect the teaming communities inhabiting the verse areas that borders with the people of southern Borno state even with the return of Democracy since 1999.

Since then to the people of Sheleng are years with tireless struggle to emancipate the people through good roads but all to futility.

“The years passed by in century and in decades but flied to the wings of futility and a no answered prayers years.” As some narrates

A visit to Sheleng whether during rainy or dry season is a story of a road leading to “Golgotha”,in the rainy season the only alternative route taken by people is through a paddle canoe,crossing the Kiri River which at many times claims the life of people as a results of capsiding of the canoe (Boat) or at many other times dangerous Hypopotamus killed people going through the river.

Sheleng remains the only LGA in the state that does not have any tarred road to LG Headquarters talk less of linking and accessible roads to the hinter communities of the area.

The lake of good accessible road linking the home base of Hama Sheleng’s center of administration hampered and stunted economy growth of the areas, as there is no much social amenities, standard of living is very poor as a result of no good road leading one from Kiri Junction to the boondocks lands of Sheleng kingdom.

An aged Woman,Mama Jummai Fasma revealed that the bad road claimed the life of her two Daughters who were on labour,no vehicle will rush them to the closes general hospital and bleed to dead. Many women lost their pregnancy to miscarriage as a result of this “dead trap road” which can be seen as another “hell on earth road”.


After decades years of pains and suffering endured by the entire community of Sheleng,today it turned up to be a watershed story,a marking history of posterity as joy of Sheleng people knows no bound by the simply gesture and fulfillment of his campaign promises to them while a Governor.

The former Governor of Adamawa state, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow Flagged of the construction of Sheleng/Kiri Road coasting over 3 billion to Triacta construction company Ltd,the road now is model that remainsin the history of Adamawa development.

Exactly 7th July,2016 was a celebration of a major breakthrough and the event had witnessed thousands of people graced the occasion pouring out encomiums of praises to Sen Bindow led administration to have killed the monster behind the construction of the failed promises by the past Governments.

The turning up of Sons and Daughters of Sheleng,where former Senators, Serving and former lawmakers in the state and at the National level trumped in wearing hilarious faces in appreciating the then Governor for his strides in trying to change Adamawa with his roads construction projects across the state.

Former senator, Ahmed Barata full of joy assured the Governor of their ever total loyalty support to his Government to succeed.

“Even if I have plans to contest as a Governor at this time you have done what will make me to be the Governor of the state,I pray to God to make me a Governor that will have the opportunity to do the same road you have awarded contract today. May God bless you and defend you from your enemies”

The then Commissioner of Livestock, Hon. Isa Sheleng happily Said that his people Agricultural products will worth better as against the era of bad road where any business man or middle men will extorts their people on ground of no road.

Urging all sort of investors to come and invest in Sheleng as its embedded with many economy potentials that can improve the internally Generated Revenue (IGR) thereby boosting the economy of the state.

According to them Bindow had given them all what their grand parent die struggling and fighting to get.

I’m joining the people of Shelleng the happiness and the motorable road they are enjoying at this rainy season that it use to be a health on earth experiencing when plying the road. It is a no more complain,no more horible experience. It’s now a economic boost experience, thank you Sen Bindow for coming at the nick of time to save a people in dere need of road construction.

This a reminder to the people of Nigeria,Adamawa and of course Shelleng that good leader was once led well,living to see continuation of his Giants strides he has set in the state as peddels of development.

By Tom Garba,FIMC,FBDM
Writes from Yola
Adamawa State

Responses (6)

  1. Its appear as if community of shelleng are not happy with the graet and Well done job being done on Kiri/shelleng road by His Excellency Gov Bindow. I only saw one comment, why? His Excellency, your reward is from our heavenly father.

  2. The people of shelleng will not 4get what this government was did to the L’G and we will keep pray to Governor Bindow

  3. May allah subhanahu wata’ala.
    Ya taima kawa gomman,talakawa adali shugaba bindow umaru dan jibrilah,sardunan mubi.
    Yamana komai kasan shelleng allah yasa masa aikin a mixani ameen.
    Allah ya shirye shuwagabannin mu na shelleng baki daya.

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