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Sir James: The Man in Benue SEMA and the National Honor, becoming NIPSS’ Worthy Ambassador


Sir James: The Man in Benue SEMA and the National Honor, becoming NIPSS’ Worthy Ambassador

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Tom Garba

He wears the royalty looks, he has the physical fitness and the unimaginable intelligence of a Humanitarian whose passion is to touch humanity and transform lives.

Sir James Aondokar Iorpuu, a Man with approachable tempos and a ruddy face is attractive to see in his leadership traits. Is the Man in Benue State Emergency Management Agency, which is well known as Benue SEMA.

James’ wealth of experience as a civil servant, and his prowess in serving humanity made him prominence in and outside Benue State, a testament to his capabilities and the trust placed on him by Rev Fr Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, Governor of Benue State to head the Benue SEMA having been known of his footprints of indelible records of good leadership strides anywhere he finds himself. His work as a leader of thought speaks volumes. His accomplishments have become uninsertable not only in Benue SEMA but also in the political landscape of the state. His ability to bring people together in difficult situations, irrespective of religion, tribe even place of origin has been one of the unique marks of good leadership sense noticeable to him.

Sir James’ unwavering dedication to the welfare of Benue people as the executive secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) are qualities that have not only distinguished him but have also earned him the respect of both his colleagues and the public.

Sir James on assuming into office (SEMA) a few months ago, Benue people quickly noticed the big gap, the difference between the former and the latter of a triangle leader who came with a lot of innovation and transformation blueprint not only to manage the many crises along communal disagreeing party in the state but to get off the root causes of the many crises and hitherto bring rescue, healings and bring succor to those in dire need.

Benue SEMA was created by the State lawmakers in 2006, enacted by an act with the mandate of establishment to respond to emergencies disaster areas, and recovery services for the people of Benue State. But from 2006 the impact of why it was created was negligible, with a rather say zero performance. The sad story of the then Benue SEMA was how food meant for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) found in the Kano State open market in 2021. A bad story till today broke the heart of many stakeholders.

Sir James came around with the change story of a good Nigerian and a Man with a special love for the people of Benue State. He began to change the ugly trend of events in the agency with a sort of super sonic movement. After a few months in office, the trust placed in him by Governor Hyacinth Iormem Alia has since started yielding results. Under Sir James, the agency is getting much acceptance by the global Humanitarian community with trust in delivering and taking care of people in distress.

Sir James’s few months in office came with a zeal disposition, open-mindedness, and honesty driving the agency to achieve greater results and has attracted many international Humanitarian organizations Including the UN organizations to work in the State. James’ focus in SEMA is solution-oriented, his Youth employment drive of over 200 and training them as IDP camp managers and protection officers remain one of the creative abilities that are being celebrated in Benue State.

James’ ability to consult widely and involve critical stakeholders in making sure SEMA changes the ugly narratives where food and nonfood items are wisely and timely distributed to concerned individuals is has been a talk of the town. His ability to properly engage the International Organization for Migration (IOM) immediately after he take over the office is helping Benue State have a verifiable number of the displaced population in the State. A template that Many state Executive secretaries (ES) are borrowing to effectively serve their respective states.

Under Sir James’ watch as the driver of Benue SEMA a state-of-the-art modern conference hall for coordination and training currently is being constructed at the SEMA headquarters IOM, UNHCR, and other partners are carrying out biometric capturing of the IDPs across the 14 IDP camps and those in host communities.

Sir James has indeed been up and doing with the ultimate aim and objective of positively touching the lives of his people. Of course, according to analysts and watchers of governance in Benue State, revealed that the failure of the “flawed strategies” of his predecessors, and the meteoric successes James has recorded within one year of Governor Alia’s assumption Into office, it’s easier to concur that he’s been delivering regarding his responsibilities to the people.

This man of amazing Grace has continued to triumph over the vicissitudes of his enemies and distractors. But trust the Man of destiny, He weathered the storm and came out unharmed from the furnace fire of political, tribal, and ethnic attacks of his opponents. All you see in him is a Man driven with vision and admiration to deliver the dividends of democracy for the people of Benue State. He decked around fortunes of excellent leadership and eyeing opportunities both within and outside the shores of Nigeria to scramble what is good for the people of his dear State.

No wonder recently, he bagged the National Leadership Award on grassroots development through the office of the special assistant to the president on logistics who believes that his valuable contribution to the grassroots and the Nigerian population in general can never go unnoticed.

Sir James’ participation in the 49 Policy and Strategy Leadership Course (PSLC) of the Nigerian Institute and Policy Studies (NIPSS), Kuru in Jos has also earned him the PSLC emblem and awarded him a certificate of a policy maker and implementor of sound policies, strategies for humanity sake. There’s no doubt that the number one Man in Benue SEMA is becoming a true ambassador of the policy highest ranking institute in Nigeria (NIPSS) which is a recommendation and a thumbs up to a Worthy ambassador and alumni of great reputation.

Suffice it to say that Sir James has been sacrificial and forgiving while at the same time exhibiting values of love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, humility, gentleness, and meekness. Is moving on to make sure Benue State is peaceful for all, to make sure there’s tranquility and peaceful co-existence in all parts of the state.

He has continued to trudge on with his eyes on the ball, shunning unnecessary distractions. He has continued to place service to the people before his personal considerations and self.

For all these, I join others to say a big congratulations for the well-deserved award. While celebrating him as a leader of thoughtful character. I wish him all the best and pray for him to grow above his weaknesses and primordial sentiments. Once again congratulations Sir James.

Is a Journalist, CEO/MD of the General news, Publishers of Tgnews

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