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Stating the obvious, Dr Modi an APC die-hard Man with unquestionable loyalty.


Stating the obvious, Dr Modi an APC die-hard Man with unquestionable loyalty.

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The truth be told and state the obvious so that people with good morals would not be pricked or be policed by their conscience as against the many unfounded stories. I am telling a story and change the narratives that Dr. Mahmood Halilu Ahmed (Modi), mni is one of the All Progressives Congress staunch Loyalists from Adamawa State that the party is fortunate to have.

My close watch of Dr Mahmood, the Sarkin Gabas of the Fombina emirate council and a national Hero earned respect across the length and breadth of Nigeria as the Wakilin Yamman Pindiga and Magajin Garin Malabu over the years has been a man with a strong fraternity to party politics. He is one Nigerian who defined his brand of politics within the context of political party affinity. Once he identifies himself with anyone, he would do everything humanly possible to defend his actions and support due his principles justifying Mahmood Alqaa’s adage that ‘he who is destitute of principles is always governed by his whims and caprices. With this type of principle politician the All progressives Congress, APC, is indeed lucky to have found him in its midst as unapologetic loyalist.

After the merger of few opposition parties of 2014, Modi remains religiously committed to preaching and defending the party’s ideals.

Personally knowing this Man from the candle of his political lifeline to date I can comfortably say is one of the incontrovertible Last Man standing as far as APC in Adamawa and Nigeria is concerned. I have seen his body language, composure and the political temperament in him can sway away any force in making sure that APC to remain a party beat in Nigeria.

His knowledge in government is measureless, his experience in Leadership and business is far-flung so much that wooing foreign investors to Nigeria from other countries of the world would not be a daunting task due his International network more so that he attended the National Institute for policy and strategic studies (NIPSS), Kuru Jos where matters of strategic leadership, policy direction and foreign policy objectives are extensively addressed for the overall benefit of Nigeria.

In him and other like minds is the girdle of strength to lead well and holds the rod of direction that will help in taking APC to a haven of rest for all of Nigerians. Even though his silence and muteness in delving into matters that do not affect him seems to be his major albatross but his resilience and determination to pursue a goal to its logical conclusion are legendary.

I see it as a virtue of greatness aimed at stabilizing known and unknown upheavals that may periodically arise within the APC as a political party as well as in the management of party loyalist.

With his doggedness and his good intentions for APC and Nigeria. It is interesting to state that Modi and many other abound in the party and are poised to provide succor to the less privileged as beacon of hope under the new administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR.

While celebrating this loyal party Man as a role model of Nigeria Youth in politics, crave the indulgence of Adamawa State APC stakeholders to support and rally round one of their own in the person of Dr Mahmood Ahmed Halilu (Modi),mni in actualizing the dream of the good people of Adamawa State towards making the state darling of the nation in no distant future.

Is a Journalist, a political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State. He can be reached through these means: