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Thanksgiving: Adeboye decrees dangerous prayers against the enemies of Nigeria believers


Thanksgiving: Adeboye decrees dangerous prayers against the enemies of Nigeria believers

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A Sunday Thanksgiving of the Redeemed Christians Church of God (RCCG) culminate the end of May and the beginning of the month of June was described as God the Lifter of one’s Head by Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

Adeboye who is the general overseas of the RCCG Pentecostal Church with many branches across other nations of the world prayed a seemingly dangerous prayer against forces of the Nigerian believers who attended the Sunday service in Lagos at the redemption camp and those monitored his live ministration in Dove channels.

Our Yola correspondent who also monitored Adeboye’s Ministration recorded that the Elder Christian stateman while quoting the book of Luke 11:13 said: ” Any forces working against you will let you go. I degree if they do not let you go the Fire of God will consume them. You will never see any evil.” Adeboye prayed

The resounding AMEN of the worshipers led Adeboye to further say that God will have Mercy on them, and He will send help to every one of them trusting Him for one miracle or the other.

Adeboye who took his sermon root text from the book of Exodus 3:13-14 with “the lifter of my head as the theme and title of his sermon told the congregation that Defeat, Sorrow, stagnation, Shame, and failure that there’s a God that can change ugly situations to victory and success.

Daddy GO as is otherwise addressed by members of the Church described stagnation as one finding himself or herself in the same spot while Shame is what is stopping God’s glory in one’s life.

He prayed that the fire of God would consume Whatever is causing them shame as according to him whenever one is in Sorrow it’s difficult to lift up his or her head.

“You will never weep again, today if you are stagnant the lifter of our heads will lift you up, if you are sick, call on Him, our God is the great physician. If you feel you need deliverance, The Lord of Host is there to deliver you. If things are going bad with you, call on the one who is Jehovah El-Shaddai (Genesis 17:1)

“He is a fruitful vine to those that need children and an opener of doors When all ways are blocked, He is the truth, the counselors, and the life to those that are even dying.” Adeboye Said

While reading the book of Exodus 3:13-14, Adeboye described God as “I’m that I’m”, he is a Shield of the Glory, the lifter of all believers.

He however enjoined believers to restitute their ways, urging them to go over what they have done and put things right so they cannot be the ones responsible for their predicament

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