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By Habisu Aliyu Jarma

In the modern world people live by the detects of their life styles in order to communicate a message to other people. Either in verbal form through the use of communication mediums, GSM, TV, Radio which are the most predominately used. But others find it more better to pass information in a paralinguistics way -This is where people use action, active or inactive ways to communicate to a wide range of people.

This can make me use a vivid example of our old Aminu Kano who in the early 80s until his dead is known to be wearing a red cap (Jan Dara) a symbol of good leadership. The same ideology of Aminu is today being transferred to the Kwankwasiya group in Kano under the able leadership of Alhaji Musa Rabiu Kwankwaso.  A strong political movement in the country. The same can be seen in the life style of Abba Gana former FCT Minister who is synonymous with wearing black cap and an inner black monkey jacket with Babban riga (Hausa respected native cloth).  Late Hon. Solomon Lar, the first PDP Chairman and a great politician ever produced In Jos, plateau State, is known with a unique way of wearing an unbranded cap until his dead.The world renown juju musician, Fela Anikulaku Kuti, is known with a shabby way of dressing to connote a true African Man, same goes with Michael Jackson the international hip up musician.

In the world of sports, (Foot ball) today clubs are being known and identify with a particular Colors. For instance Manchester United (Man-U) is international called the “Red Devils” while Chelsea is called “The blues”. The duo clubs are both the world winners and set pace in various times of championship leagues. The list can go on and on of people,organisations and individuals with unique way of life and doing great things.

Their style in another way is an ideology to pass a particular message to the outside world of their believe to change the world for good, a movement to sort and canvas for good governance when there is derail act of governance.

Recently in Ganye, the Southern Senatorial District of Adamawa State, another group has yet emerged to inform the world about their strong ideology on “Black caps”. Theirs is simply the coming together of the eagles and the eaglets, daring to soar high for greatness on what the believe on.

Movement who considered Nuhu Ribadu the former Economy and financial crimes commission (EFCC) as their role model. To them Ribadu is always on black cap his own style and mode of dressing, depicting his feats of greatness and symbolising power of goodness and intelligence in any thing he involve himself to do.

This group doubt it that “black” connote mourning or something of the negative, but assert to revealed that it is a movement to change what is bad to good, a struggle to change the negative system and people in government, a struggle of a better Adamawa State and Nigeria as a country.

Is undoubtedly to know that the movement is beginning to scare even people in government as it showcases the coming together of people of high intellectuals, fearless and adamant to fight illegalities, be a voice to the voiceless and to properly inform the people in the irregularities of people holding political offices.

The central message of this unique group is “we identify with Black cap, a color to connote good leadership “. The head is the Leader of the body, so does it transcend to every contemporary systems of human endeavors.

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