The elder and the Father: HBD Big Bros


The elder and the Father: HBD Big Bros

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While ruminating how best I can describe you, I reliase that you are just too much to fall within the objectives of how to qualify your sense of love to me and our other siblings.

Big Bros, as we use to call you, I thank God for allowing your life to be modelled this way,a life full of sacrifice to humanity and to God.

Today you have added another feather of Glory unto many feathers you earned through God’s divine favour, you are today a celebrity, haven seen the good,the bad and the ugly side of life yet God’s steadfast love has brought you to your resting place.

You are the eldest son of the family, but fate purported you to step in the shoe of a father when practically was not ripe time for you at the demised of our loving father 34 years ago.

You cultured us unto good works, you monitored us all through our elementary schools,you gave us a guide that today we are what we are,this can be only a Man of your kind of heart- heart of God to mankind.

Your day is unique and special to me as it coincides with my Son’s birthday (Alhamdu Bugwama),you both are wonderful and God is still working in the darkest areas of your life to show case you out for his glory.

As I said congratulation,I’m now praying for you,on my own way telling you I’m grateful for adding beautiful colours to our destinies, whatever we are ,it wouldn’t have been very possible without your counsel and Fatherly guide. Thank you Sir.

I see God giving you a birth gift. I celebrate you in advance.