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The Ribadu of yesterday, is still the Ribadu of today


The Ribadu of yesterday, is still the Ribadu of today

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...the story of a Nigerian legend

My first encounter with Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was his first attempt in trying to become the President of Nigeria under the AC Party when the current President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Baba Akande and few Northern Nigerians rallied around him to ensure he win the presidential election alongside Ex-President Muhammad Buhari and late Umaru Musa Yar’adua as fellow contestants and flag bearers of their respective parties.

His campaign entourage stormed Yola in 2011 and the popular Lelewal motel venue of the formal declaration of his campaign and made his intentions known to Nigerians had an overflowing people out its premises. We had interviews, and later established a good relationship that in so many occasions I do visit him whenever is in town or If I happen to visit Abuja.

Like Uba Dan’arewa would put whenever is in the media that Nuhu is a down to earth fellow, a Nice Man who is passionate about humanity and is compassionate in nature are the few threats I truly discovered in him. His life after his tenure elapsed as the pioneer Chairman of the Economy and financial crimes commission (EFCC) and his attempts at various times to become the President of Nigeria and the Governor of Adamawa State failed, Ribadu rediscovered himself in the area of Agriculture and turned it a hubby till date.

It was at this point that I and him became more closer to the extend his agro mechanized farm along Fofure, a superb community of Yola town is my favorite place to visit. It use to be my happiest moments spending time getting dozens of wisdom and knowledge about this nation called Nigeria. Ribadu knows this country more than the thinking of others. In him is regrets of why the people of this country are wallowing in abject poverty despite the God given natural and human resources endowed with. I could see dot of tears running down his cheeks whenever we begin to discuss about the state of the nation. I guess when he recalled the Many shaddy deals, the cartels in the corruption covens of the nation while he was the EFCC chairman.

I must say this partly what I’m, he directly and indirectly contributed immensely because he gave me the opportunity to call at will. My closeness to this Patriotic Nigerian I discovered he detest sentiments of all sorts, especially when is butter around religion, tribes and even along regional bases. He is a Very camp Man, honest, very friendly yet frown at injustice, hate anything in the embience of corruption. He is Just cool and camp, very fun to be with. His book; “Ribadu: My Story, My vision has chronicled how a good leader can change the course of history with support of good friends around. His other book presented to me for a review by Mustapha Atiku Ribadu : A Paradise for Maggots (The story of a Nigerian anti graft czar) that exposed the giants in Nigeria giving the country a bad image in the community other nations are the historic classical knowledge documents I recommend all leaders or would to be leaders to read. These books are good for all politicians who are ready to safe the nation from corruption black list.

His one Farm, his one House in Yola, his one House in Abuja are still my connecting hub. The Ribadu of before and now is still the same. The one thing that remains different is his time to meet other engagements because they are certainly interfering with his official assignment as the current National Security Adviser (NSA).

The NSA office is the only thing that makes him different -his time for me and Many others to see him or interact as it is use to be is the change factor. That I can personally understand, I believe his political allies, even his foes should. His time in rescuing the insecurity State of the nation is highly needed, that we should give to him as it’s yielding Much positive results.

So Ribadu is a patriarch for national development who is not after enmeshing wealth, he is not a gullible politician working for his personal interest. Rather sacrificing his knowledge, time, his whole life and all he had in trying to recreate a new Nigeria.

Wallahi my recent meeting with him even his popular white clothes (Jumpas,Babban riga or Gari) and black cap did not change at all. Is still the corruption detest fighter, a leader of thought, an emancipator, a focused Nigeria and a firm believer of the corporate Unity, image and onesness of Nigeria.

Sir, may God give you all it takes to help Asiwaju safe this country from total collapse because we are no doubt drifting toward a Banana Republic over insecurity and economy issues.

God bless you MNR

-Tom Garba

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