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To any great Man or woman there is a story from the other side, the story most a times is painfully to narrate when at other times is singing the song of the mighty of the huddles they had crossed to their lands of destiny. Great people are a book personified having so many chapters of how the journey went climbing the ladder of greatness.

Anna Sini Titsi is one Nigerian woman that her story is more of humble beginning born to a family of a renown Primary teacher in the Northern part of Adamawa State. To Anna Growing up to the watchful eyes of a God fearing Father Mr Livinus Zira and hard working business Mother, Maman Annayo is an experienced she can never forget of the parental discipline she received from her caring parents. Lessons that modeled and doctored her to her present status as an international business mogul.

This woman life style of generosity no knows boundaries, it’s a God endowed benevolence attitude of displaying love to all mankind in respective of one’s tribe or religion affinity. She is certainly a star guarantee of a good future to the people of Adamawa State, a willing tool to be used to liberate and to set free those in the chains of poverty. One can comfortably say Nigeria is indeed pregnant with good Omen, because of people like Annayo a philanthropist per excellent.

A smells of a better leadership that will be bringing results to own a better Nigeria as against the backdrop of many corrupt leaders we had will soon emerge to break down traitors and tyrants  who have being subjecting the country into a stage of mockery and level of retrogressive cycle of Economy degradation growth.

A good leader is not made overnight while charity begins at home. Anna Sini is a product of good family background with an enduring marriage life  and dependable allies,a front she manage well to showcase her leadership prowess. It is for these reasons and many more the that my writing commences to present to you a burden lifter, a 21st Messiah and carrier of people’s cares.

I really doff my hat to an iconic woman leader of all leaders, a political generalissimo and ever smiling, ever loving and ever hard working business mogul whose penchant love for business ventures took her to many country in the world. Political historians would have some stories to tell in the nearest future that this young business woman has emensely contributed to the development of humanity in many diverse ways.

Going through all the basics in western Education Annayo brilliantly came out with good results in both her primary and secondary schools, Anna went to Federal polytechnic in Maiduguri where she studied Nutrition and hygiene a field she later discovered is not having a direct links to her purpose in life. The business focus minded woman was humble in spirit and gentle at heart to have finally graduated and obtained a BSC from Atlantic international university Honololo in USA.

She Can be probably called silence politician with a lot of proven evidence on her contribution to the growth of politics and making Bindow a Governor under the platform of APC party in Adamawa State. Her kind of politics is more of supporting good aspirants that has people at heart and combined it with business moving from one country to another for business purposes to making her build business empires around the world.

Anna is presumed to have a dynamic Political life style who has emerged in the changing times of Adamawa state,whose political vibrancy and keen love of humanity had attracted the eyes of  many organizations to gave her so many awards. These ones are worthy of note among many :

1.Ambassador for Peace and unity which was given to her by Center for career development and Youths empowerment advocacy (USA)

2. Award of Humanitarian Services by ITV Christman festival of nine lesson and Carol

3. Fellow in appreciation of outstanding prowess in administrative matters and as a professional.

4. Award of an excellence and virtues by Dominion Chapel Int’l churches. Courtesy of Bishop S. J. Wakili Power.

These tittles  implies Anna as a woman of the people, lover of people, servant of the people,a voice to the voiceless and a Woman who is loved by her people.

As a Young Lioness who is not afraid to face the impossible and dare the underable, many years since the return of democracy her major work is to willingly support candidates with people majority in her community, some to house of representatives, House of Assembly, Local government Chairmanship and while others to governorship or Senatorial seats.

Like the Young eaglets,flying high as she grows and soaring to higher skies with vision to dare good opportunity of leading her people. Her nature of becoming a leader with her good style of leadership, she began to support and sponsor youths in business and in school in the State. She constantly takes cares of widows,the aged, the needed and orphans. Her pet projects of sponsoring students from poor background to higher school of learning is something worth commenting. Throughout her life is doing good to all people.

Her steady benevolent character has grown to a high level, turning her to be a golden fish that has no any hiding place, she is being encouraged by her kings and kindred for much involvement into political activism,this will convince many to see her high sense of honesty, doggedness, hardworking and her good sense of political potentials even when she has resulted to work and support the present administration led by senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who is fast transforming the state into a wonder land.

Anna is generally refer to as the face of Youths,being young whose age is at the late 40s but has vast sense of maturity in all aspects . With the coming of APC on board she was adamant to believe that the party is truly for the masses, always given her best to support any party loyalist.

Anna has only one thing in life, to work hard, to help as much people she could, to do the needful to change people’s destiny, to her leadership is responsibility and if a leader is good people must feel the impact of a good leader, she has all lot of empowerment programs to be initiated to the entire people of Adamawa State Northern senatorial District that’s aimed at eradicating poverty in her area.

This her standing tall qualities of a good leader and as an unassuming team player in the quest for changing Adamawa state and country in general for nation building is rating her high and is setting her ready for bigger opportunity and responsibilities.

On a recent interviews with many indigenes of the state of her fast speed in her kind of politics,many have adjudged that Annayo is Luxuriate taken pleasure in doing good to people no matter the pains. She will never want to be Lugubrious as looking and being friendly to people is her nature.

Many considered politicians as opportunity legerdemain people, full with all forms of deception and trickery,in this regard Ann stand out to be one of her kind, unique personality whose type are scarce to be seen close by. Is one of her type who hates being bad in all it’s sense. But in deed  her largesse  generous acts of giving certified her to be a Woman with Philanthropical life style that can never be out of her.

Many are looking and counting on her to be the number one woman to join hands with the Executive Governor of the state to safe and revive Adamawa state from total collapse as a result of past adminstration poor style of leadership. Considering her to be a rare gem amongst the many ones. However is one woman who stands conspicuously taller than many Young up coming politician in character, honesty, integrity and achievements.

Her meticulous growth of politics in the local and even the state level became noticeable ever since at a time when it was fashionable to sell integrity and honour for a paltry some of naira, this adorable woman stood her ground, paid her dues in ensuring that the All Progressives Congress (APC) takes its place of pride, for the record, the
mantra ”change” didnt come to play by accident. Suffices to say Mrs Anna Titzi standard of measuring wealth is abundance integrity, good sense of humor, good health, amazing grace, respect, honour, competence, wisdom,peace including good friends, associates,political allies and Well wishers that would go to war with her without a request and without hesitation to help in taking the state to the promised Land.

The green nature of Nigeria is practically in the green nature of her people, the beauty of Adamawa is personify by her beauty lying within the people of the state. Ann as one of the carrier of the glory of the state and Nigeria in extension,this is reminding our old historic legends both dead  and life and in dead that its time for them to happily rest because leaders are born, When a good person is bless the whole community rejoices. Annayo has emerged to remake history in Adamawa state.

A shrewd politician who is seeing and symbolising Adamawa state as a glorious Horse whose pride,Strength and beauty will be unassuming if it is never left in the hands of selfish Nigerians. Her feats certainly are strengths for bigger challenge, so far it is considerably to another leader is born to give Nigeria a good name even with responsibility bigger than her age.

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