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Tinubu has asked me to broker peace in Zamfara, says Yerima


Tinubu has asked me to broker peace in Zamfara, says Yerima

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by FirstNews July 3, 2023 Rl
Sani Yerima, a former deputy senate minority leader, says President Bola Tinubu has asked him to broker peace between Dauda Lawal, governor of Zamfara, and Bello Matawalle, his predecessor.

Yerima spoke with state house correspondents after he met with Tinubu on Monday.

The Zamfara government had said it recovered 40 official vehicles from Matawalle after the police conducted a raid on his residences in his hometown.

The development occurred after Lawal accused Matawalle of looting the government house.

Asked what he was doing as “the father of the state” to settle the rift between the duo, Yerima said plans are underway to ensure that the crisis is settled.

“You see, the issue of Zamafara like you rightly said, I’m now a father in Zamfara. Even Mr President, in my interaction this afternoon, has requested me to put my best to ensure that there’s stability in the state and that is what we are doing already,” Yerima said.

“And by the grace of God, we will come together and you will see that all the crises that are going on will be over.”

Yerima also commended Tinubu’s decision to remove the petrol subsidy, saying the action was vital in achieving price equilibrium.

“I’m here this afternoon to congratulate Mr President for a very successful take-off having taken over the helms of affairs of our country,” he said.

“He came up with three quick decisions that I believe as an economist are going to help this country to achieve development.

“First, he removed the fuel subsidy, which former leaders couldn’t do and looked at the exchange rate disparity which he is bringing together. It is going to help the export and import system and finally the reopening of the border for goods and services to flow into Nigeria.

“I think these three decisions are especially in the interest of Nigerians. And with patience, Nigerians will see the advantages of the decisions.

“What he needs is prayers from us and the support of Nigerians.”


On security challenges in the north, Yerima called for dialogue with bandits, saying the federal government has the capacity to confront the challenges decisively.

He noted that poverty and ignorance were the causes of such conflicts and proposed rehabilitation programmes as a means to integrate the bandits into society.

He said negotiation is an integral part of governance and should be pursued before resorting to extensive military operations.

“You see, these people are Nigerians. And I believe that the Nigerian government has the capacity,” he said.

“The military, and security agencies have the capacity to deal with them immediately if so directed; if they are given the resources they require and the support and political will.

“But the collateral damage that could be associated with the actions that could be taken is what I believe should be avoided.

“If you send an aircraft now to where you identify the bandits, it is not only the bandits that would be affected.

“And if you will recall, Mr President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua had a similar interaction with the militants in Niger Delta, it was successful.

“So if the government now comes up with a programme of rehabilitation just like they did in the issue of Boko Haram when the issue was handled. I’m sure you will have a successful ending to this crisis.”