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Tinubu to caution Amb. Suleiman Dahiru for calling for religious crisis, war


Tinubu to caution Amb. Suleiman Dahiru for calling for religious crisis, war

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been called upon to caution Ambassador Suleiman Dahiru and cal him to order for calling on Islamic countries to come together and fight Israel and cripple their economy.

The Ex-diplomat was reportedly quoted in a national daily (Not us) of justifying the retaliatory attacked on Israel by Iran, saying such utterances could lead to crises and war in Nigeria under the present bad condition.

This was contained in a statement issued by Rev. Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, entitled: “The call to religion crisis in Nigeria by a diplomat: Mr president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu should call Amb. Suleiman Dahiru to order”.

According the statement, with high cost of living biting hard, any breech of peace in such a crucial moment in the history of Nigeria could plunge the country into religious war.

“The saying “stitch in time saves nine” is very correct in a case of Nigeria today where cost of living is undoubtedly biting hard and any bridge of peace at such a crucial moment in the history of Nigeria will plunge the country into religious war, hence the need to prevent any crisis.

“The call in the “Daily Trust newspaper’s of Tuesday 16/04/2024 page 3, Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel justifiable by one so-called ex-diplomat. Amb. Suleiman Dahiru”, in invitation for war.

“Suleiman said he is disappointed with the Islamic countries and call on Islamic countries to come together to fight and cripple Israel and entire Western world,

“Suleiman also claims the Muslim or Arab countries control 1/5 of the resources of this world. But they do not have a political will to defend Muslims and Islam that is why America and Israel are treating the Muslim world with contempt in the way and manner they are doing”.

“This information is circulating amongst the Northern Muslims and are saying that they’re going to retaliate here in Nigeria.

“Amb. Suleiman Dahiru didn’t call on killings of Christians in Benue, Southern Kaduna and Plateau States for Christians to come together and to fight the Fulani terrorist or the government to save the Christian communities in the aforementioned States but attacking America and Israel fighting the Arab countries.

“The so-called Ex-diplomat Suleiman Dahiru is an ignorance of the historical fight between Arab and Jews, even before the coming of Islam Arab and Jews are fighting.

“We can only pray and advice any country to leave in peace with each other as each life is sacrosanct. But to Suleiman Dahiru, his anger cannot be hidden so he called on Muslim countries to send the Israeli Ambassadors and their staff packing out of their countries and close dawn the Israeli Embassies.

“Mr president sir, we call your humble attention to call Amb. Suleiman Dahiru to order and that he should again reverse any of his words to allow peace in Nigeria.

“The security chiefs should issue order of no inciting words and anyone found wanting should face the wrath of the law. Amb. Suleiman should report to the security for introgression to serve as deterrent to others”, it stated.

Rev. Dikwa is also the Director, General Center for Justice on Religious and Ethnicity in Nigeria.