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Tinubu’s Cabinet: Bauchi APC group decry marginalization of North


Tinubu’s Cabinet: Bauchi APC group decry marginalization of North

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Samuel Luka, Bauchi

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Concerned Group in Bauchi has lamented that the Northern region, most especially Bauchi state has been marginalized in terms of appointment into key-decision making positions in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Government.

According to them, major key actors in Bauchi state who worked assiduously during the electioneering Campaigns of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu have been sidelined.

Spokesperson of the group, Comrade Abdullahi Dauda Little who stated this during the meeting of its National Stakeholders in Bauchi on Sunday, said many party members who labored to ensure the success of the president have not been carried along.

“We are witnessing what appears to be a marginalization of the Northern region, particularly Bauchi State in key appointments and decision-making processes”, he said.

Abdullahi said, “recent appointments in our state have failed to resonate with the will of the people, sowing a palpable divide in the spirit of unity and inclusivity that is not only integral but imperative to our democratic fabric”.

The group which pleaded with president Tinubu to reconsider his approach to appointments, urged him to always ensure that diverse voices and aspirations of the populace are heard and considered.

“In response to the perceived injustice meted out to gubernatorial candidates in the recent Supreme Court judgments, we propose a constructive and reconciliatory solution”, the group said.

The suggested that all candidates who have borne the brunt of unfair treatment be considered for ministerial or other viable but appropriate appointments.

According to the APC concerned group, such approach will not only recognize the unwavering dedication to public service of the Guber candidates but also provide them with a platform to represent the interests of the people at the national level.

“By extending ministerial and/or other roles to these candidates, we firmly believe it will not only rectify perceived injustices but also contribute substantially to fostering a more inclusive and representative government”, Abdullahi stated.

The said that the step if taken, will no doubt act as a catalyst for healing existing divisions, thereby forging a stronger, united front for the benefit of our state and its citizens.

“We are long aware of politicians exploiting and neglecting the people for personal gains, we reject resorting to violence or property damage. The credit goes to Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar who even as an opposition, instilled the discipline of the values of life and property in us”, the spokesperson pointed out.

Abdullahi dispelled rumors that the APC gubernatorial candidate, Ambassador Sadique Baba Abubakar did not support Tinubu’s presidential candidature which is why he is not been considered for any political appointment.

“If so, may we know who the Air Marshal supported because some of us know the discussions we had with him. There were people in Bauchi who openly were not with your team, but are now appointees in your cabinet, may we know what qualifies them to be so considered? ⁠The over 43% votes that APC garnered in the Presidential elections are now left in the cold”, the group said.

They further regretted that appointments are made without recourse to their wellbeing because people that don’t care about them and their wellbeing are being appointed to represent them.

“So far, there has not been anybody appointed in your government that toiled to get those votes for your Excellency, that means the struggles and commitment of the people of Bauchi state is worthless.” He stressed.