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Tinubu’s stewardship: It’s a one year govt of no performance says Adamawa grassroots politician


Tinubu’s stewardship: It’s a one year govt of no performance says Adamawa grassroots politician

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An Adamawa State grassroots mobilizer who has been an advocate for the masses described the first anniversary of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as nothing to Write home about.

Alhaji Bello Ibrahim Hong said the Government of the All Progressives Congress (APC) under the leadership of President Tinubu is nothing less of a zero performance.

Bello while x-raying the 365 days of the current leader from Health, Agriculture, Youth inclusive in government, Education, security, finance, and Banking has not delivered on the Mandate of the Masses that he promised renewed hope.

Bello lamented that Tinubu has taken the worst one year in office with his rushed policy on fuel subsidy removal.

According to him the decision by Tinubu to remove the fuel subsidy on May 29th, 2023 is still affecting Nigerians and the government is battling to regain control of the backlash of the decision.

He said Tinubu was not thoughtful enough to reason beyond the joy of winning the election and decided to plunder Nigerians into a pitiful life that only God could salvage the situation.

He revealed that the country’s economy is in a serious crunch with a galloping and wallowing banking and finance sector which holds no future of a stabilized Naira against the dollar.

“We are just experiencing a backward economy, a backward country from frying pan to fire. We are in dire need of better leaders. I can’t see one in Tinubu believe you me.” Bello said

Bello worried that the Youth of Nigeria may not see any good in the current government as there’s no tentative policy implemented by President Tinubu to improve their standard of living.

He advised Nigerian Youths to raise the bar like other young people in other countries to make sure they produce good leaders in the coming elections that will change the course of the history of the country.

Bello however called on Nigerians to Pray fervently, especially the Pastors and Imams to pray to rescue the country from further destruction.

He also believes that the country under Tinubu is facing a spiritual problem that only the spiritual leaders can exercise their power to rescue the nation.

“This government is just a total failure. They can convince Nigerians their one year in office is worth celebrating.

“No Hope for our local farmers that this year their land is secure for rainy season activities. Our health and education sectors are just comatose. Oh my God, my country is dying in this government.” Bello stated

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