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US Citizen Vows To Prosecute Inu-Umoru For Vandalising Family’s Property In Edo


US Citizen Vows To Prosecute Inu-Umoru For Vandalising Family’s Property In Edo

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A Nigerian-American, Timothy Sule, the eldest son of the late philanthropist, Chief Y. A. Sule has vowed to drag one Yakubu Inu-Umoru (popularly known as Lucky) to court over the alleged vandalisation of his father’s property.

The property in question is a five-bedroom duplex located on Warake road in Auchi, the administrative headquarters of Etsako West Local Government Area in Edo State.

The property is said to belong to the late Y. A. Sule and was given on lease to Inu-Umoru by the younger Sule in 2020.

Sule, an American based in the United States, is a renowned psychologist and business magnate.

It was gathered that a clause in the Lease Agreement had mandated Inu-Umoru to carry out a general renovation of the property to make it more befitting for habitation.

To achieve this, the lessor, Timothy Sule, allegedly conceded over 70 per cent of the rental fees to Inu-Umoru.

However, trouble started when Sule, through his lawyers, notified Inu-Umoru of the various breaches in the lease agreement between them and therefore, decided to take over the full renovation of the property by himself.

It was also gathered that a non-renewal of lease memo was sent to Inu-Umoru, who got miffed over Sule’s decision to take over the property for renovation.

The development was said to have angered Inu-Umoru, who allegedly threatened to destroy the property on his departure at the expiration of the lease for daring to evict him.

Sule said: “He has indeed carried out his threat by vandalizing the perimeter fence, interlocking tiles, the septic (sewage) tank, the fence, electrical wiring and other parts of the building in flagrant disregard of the admonition from neighbours and passersby, boasting that he has all the contacts in Edo and Abuja to deal with anyone including me.”

Speaking further, the Nigerian-American reminded Inu-Umoru that “the U.S is a country of law and order, (and) I have therefore initiated moves aimed at alerting the U.S Embassy in Nigeria on threat to life and property by Yukubu Inu-Umoru”.

He concluded by calling on Nigeria’s judiciary to work for the interest of the Nigerian people by bringing elements like Inu-Umoru to book.

The Nigerian-American has now vowed to commence legal proceedings by seeking redress for alleged damage to property, vehicle, and emotional trauma against Inu-Umoru should he fail to fix all the damaged parts of the building within the next 14 days.

But reacting through a letter titled “Dispute regarding lease agreement between Mr. Timothy A. Sule and Mr. Yakubu Inu-Umoru, signed by S. K. Mokidi, dated March 6, 2024, Inu-Umoru demanded compensation of three million Naira for the improvements he made to the property.

The letter reads in part: “It is crucial to recall that our client undertook extensive renovations upon entering the lease agreement, with your client. These renovations included replacing the roof with aluminium sheet, tiling the floor, and carrying out POP work. Additionally, our client worked on the ground floor to adapt the premises for the club business.”