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Walin Ganye: A Northern Elder statesman of huge value from Adamawa


Walin Ganye: A Northern Elder statesman of huge value from Adamawa

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There is a Man who I barely meet or see whether during political meetings or in social gatherings that has the who is who in Adamawa State. Yet this Man is constantly being mentioned in every home in Adamawa, especially homes within the political class.

Mohammed Sadiq, the Walin Ganye I met recently on few occasions to meet me one on one after much of my articles he reads and came across some by Sons or his political loyalist. Voices echoing his name are too much, this got me shocked when I traveled to Katsina, Dutsen Ma precisely I met a fellow who is a community leader (Alhaji Musa Dutsen Ma) the first person he asked of when I told him I’m from Adamawa State is : ” How is Walin Ganye? “A black Arab of Nigeria. A good Man, his types are few in Northern Nigeria.” The Man kept saying it.

From Katsina I traveled down to Kano to find my way to Yola, in my Hotel (Tahir guest) I was also shocked to hear of Wali’s excellent records of achievements in the lips other guests when they were analyzing the politics of Northern Nigeria. This got me into wild and research thinking of who is Walin Ganye?

The fair in complexion and tall handsome Man is truly a Northern elder statesman from Adamawa State, Northeast Nigeria my findings revealed. He has kept a good record base on my findings to have related well with the likes of Late Ahmadu Bello (Sardaunan Sokoto), Tafawa Balewa in the sixties. His equals in politics and in business are likes of Hassan Waziri, Mahmuda Waziri, Atiku Abubakar, Bamanga Tukur, Umar Jibrilla (Business partner) and so many others.

My close checks on this hilarious perfect gentleman is his de-tribalised nature Void of primordial sentiments with no trace of bigotry found in him. Walk in is a renowned philanthropist, a lover of humanity, a peace builder a trusted and dependable political ally of many notable Nigerians. These are the true threads of this Man who is good in building people for humanity sake.

It is commonly said that truth is always bitter, you will only understand the bitterness of truth when one is saying the truth irrespective of who is happy to hear with or without any interest. The personality of ALHAJI MOHAMMED SADIQ (WALIN GANYE) to so many notable and low-profile Adamawa indIgenes is huge and it is hard to say it here and in this simple opinion of mine. So many others appreciated Wali’s personality. While a chunk of many others had a chance to negatively says their own view. What do expect? It is only a Mango tree with the riped fruits is being stoned on daily by eaters. My surprises to all this why some people make it a duty to tarnish other people’s personalities for no reason, No mature Nigerian that knows Walin Ganye will point an accusing finger at him. This is a Man I now know well is careful on handling issues, not wanting to even offend an ant.

All my checks, findings, and conclusions are shown that many portrayed Walin Ganye as a Tribalist, a religious bigot is probably they don’t know him or envious of him because he is naturally better than them. Walin is far away from what his so-called enemies are thinking of him. He is a nice man, a man who loves humanity, not with primordial sentiments. He is kind to all people not to a particular type, class, social, tribe, or religious background. Contrary to this is a formation of his political enemies to score a cheap goal on him.

It is still fresh in the minds of people and it is common knowledge in Adamawa state that, when Nyako was illegally removed to accommodate the interest of national power brokers, H.E Bala James who was supposed to be sworn into the office of the Governor being the then Deputy Governor was denied the office and the then speaker (Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri) was constitutionally sworn in as the Governor. Walin Ganye the likes of Nuhu Ribadu made it a duty to be sure justice was not denied.

Walin Ganye and Ribadu followed up the case and made sure Bala Ngilarri was rightly sworn as Adamawa state GOVERNOR and he performed extremely very well. how can a reasonable Adamawa indigene think or assumed Walin Ganye has a religious bias or tribal sentiment?

Knowing fully that the then speaker the incumbent Governor is a Muslim while the then Deputy Governor who was later sworn as a Governor is a Christian, one thing that ties Walin Ganye and the then speaker together is Islam ( Muslim Dan’uwan Muslim). Malam chooses to break the Islamic brotherhood relationship to make sure justice was not denied and Bala Ngilari became the Governor, we can not allow such a person to be called a bigot no matter the pressure.

The involvement of Walin Ganye in the Governorship tussles at that time made some Muslim bigots doubt his Faith. He was able to manage his life and correct and impression to his people that Politics is quite different from religious affairs. I call on all Politicians regardless of their Political party of affiliation or religion to desist from Religious and tribal or ethic Politics as it has never given anyone victory in the heterogeneous and multi-religious society like Adamawa state.

In my candid and personal opinion, MOHAMMED SADIQ (Walin Ganye) remains one honest sincere, and transparent Nigerian we can trust. His sincerity had earned him respect and a good name before the National and international community. Any attempt to humiliate such a leader is as fruitless as a snake biting a car Tyre because barking of bulldog doesn’t stop the Chariots movement. Anyone with a Contrary view on him should make it available.

Wali is no doubt a nationalist, a unifier and a devot peace builder who is out to build the Northern region employing the Sardauna’s vision of Norther Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole. This Man is an elder statesman with huge success of raising people into the place of authority. A successful business Man who is an employer of labor.

Allah hukki jam allareni. Baba Allah tayama riko. May you live long Sir.

Tom Garba
He wrote this opinion from Jimeta-Adamawa State.