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Permit me to borrow a word from a Television interviewee in a popular TV program “The people” of core TV Lagos, where he did mentioned that “cacophony is an attempt to make a noise to distract a large audience from the main issue at stack,trying to convince people with your unpleasant distraction noise of when one or people saying what is outrightly not it is. An effort to say you are there while you are not there,calling a charcoal a wool than black. Painting Black white and white black.

The political intrigues and interest of many politicians in the state stands to be nothing than a mere political propaganda, where at many stance the most of the elites in the state seems to be in strong support of the leadership style Of Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, haven proved himself to be a success and achiever personify Governor in less than two years.

In politics constructive criticism and meaningful propaganda is allow for the sole aim to check mate the government or those on authority, but at many times the purpose is being abused to the purview of hatreds,brewing political enmity in the basis of sentiments (political Interest).

But the last Leadership Award bestowed on the Governor has a much proving reason that the entire Adamawa people are supporting the pragmatic leadership of the Governor Bindow . At the award every Man with a major of either political influence or otherwise attended and graced the occasion in solidarity of the working. Or better to say, “the who and who” of Adamawa State are fully involve contributing to the recent developmental strides of Senator Jibrilla.

The Men of timber and calibre that made up the state were in attendance to tell the world that Adamawa is one, peaceful, and united under a common goal not as the sounds of political winds blowing the “cacophony” noise of distractions.

The Secretary to the government of the federation (SGF)  Engr Babachir David Lawal with his entire  family was seen in a joyous mode with the governor exchanging pleasantries, the former vice President, the Turakin Adamawa, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar stormed the venue with hundreds of supporters,agreeing with the leadership style of Bindow. The most revered ranking Senator in the country, Professor Jibrilla Aminu despite old age has struggled himself to the venue of the occasion amidst cheering crowds. Former Governor James Barka, the former PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur an elder statesman not only in the state but at the country at large was also there. The likes of Silas Zwimgina, Professor Maxwell Gidado, Hindu Hananiya were not left out. The entire cabinet of his administration were gracefully in attendance.

Galaxies of personalities too numerous to mention from the State responded to the call of the award affirming that Adamawa State is good, better and beautiful than it use to be under the leadership of Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow. Senators from other States, Lawmakers, Diplomat and Adamawa people in diaspora were guests who turned up to witness the occasion.

Last Saturday was on point to say Adamawa state was in another page of history, for the first time all sons and daughters of the land come together for a common reason despite One’s party affiliation, despite their religion tribe and political beliefs ,to them : ” we identify with Bindow and his government.

No Wonder ,the tenacity,zest and audacity in the working Governor is without measures and limitless. It’s because the Adamawa people are really behind him,tapping his back for an encouraging to carry on. It’s good to say the political noise making of others is a mere “cacophony” (distractions) which he does not want to give it an attention to divert him from the main work that he has started, vowed to change Adamawa state for good, adamant to rewrite the history of the state and to give it a new name.

Indeed it does not really matter what political pundits are all saying what and what not,all it matters, step by step, one thing at a time Governor Bindow is committed to steadily remake,rename and rebuild the state. Redesign its beautiful look to the eyes of the world.

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