Wike: Sheikh Gumi, other Islamic Clerics got it wrong- YOWICAN says they’re bandwagon bigots


Wike: Sheikh Gumi, other Islamic Clerics got it wrong- YOWICAN says they’re bandwagon bigots

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The caucus of the Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) in the 19 Northern states of Nigeria condemned in strong term what the regarded as an unwarranted hate speeches against christians by Sheikh Ahmed Gumi and some Islamic Clerics in recent time.

YOWICAN in a Press Briefing said Gumi and his cohorts Islamic Clerics have gone high in campaign of calumny to have stoop low in trying to tear down the country against religious lines.

They said calling on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to sack the Honorable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT),His Excellency, Barr Ezenwo Nyesom Wike is a terrible sin against the corporate existence of Nigeria.

YOWICAN said Gumi and his colleagues got it all wrong by refered to Wike as an unworthy Nigerian capable of holding the position of FCT Minister because of his Christian faith.

According to the Christian Youth it is Childish and immature to say that the FCT ministry is exclusively preserved for Northern Muslims.

“Such terrible audacity is annoyingly laughable in a country like Nigeria.” They said .

Evang. Musa D Misal, the YOWICAN Chairman for 19 Northern States and FCT Abuja signed a press statement and made it available to our correspondent in Yola said Gumi and his like minds gave a national provocative statements that is capable of setting the country ablaze.

He condemned the way and manner Gumi went ahead to malign both Muslims and Christians who campaigned and voted for the Muslim-Muslim ticket in the 2023 Presidential election that brought in the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration.

“Very worrisome was his divisive comments on the security of the Nation where he stated that it is dangerous to leave national security in the hands of Christians or southerners.
This is uncalled for in a secular and democratic state like Nigeria.
They are getting it all wrong.

“Sheikh Gumi and his bandwagon by so doing have clearly displayed their bigotry;attacking the diplomatic relationship Nigeria has with the State of Israel is a waste of time.
Thesame clerics see nothing wrong with the Nigeria-Saudi Arabia relationship.

“Gumi’s dangerous sermons would only stir unnecessary hatred and pitch Nigerians against each other. We therefore, join millions of patriotic Nigerians in condemning his actions which is now one too many.

“YOWICAN is particularly worried by the obvious inaction of our security agencies and nonchalant attitude of the government to prosecute such people over there actions that is capable of causing serious religious crises in Nigeria.

“We expect the leadership of this country to show them that no one is above the law so as to curb hate speeches,inflammatory sermons or political statements.” The statement read

The statement continued to read: “Let these hostile clerics be reminded that Nigeria is a secular state and as such, every qualified citizen, irrespective of religious,ethnic or social affiliation is free to hold a stake, as far as our constitution is not jeopardized.

“The unguarded utterances by Sheikh Gumi and his cohorts on the status of the Minister of FCT,is illogical,primitive and a joke taken too far.YOWICAN wish to make it categorically clear that any attempt to victimise Barr Wike along religious lines will be totally resisted.

“The persecution and politics of subjugation of Christians in northern Nigeria has been going on for too long and almost unhindered that’s why these clerics have the guts to come out openly to be dishing out threats to Government at all strata and intimidating innocent citizens.

“We want Nigerians to know that it is the utterances and actions of such elites in the North that caused the uproar against the same faith ticket of President Tinubu because we know what our members are already facing even with a Christian on the presidential ticket.

“We wish to use this medium to appeal to Mr President to ensure that his administration will thrive to ensure that the rule of law is promoted at all times and Nigerians are all treated fairly where dividends of democracy is equitably shared irrespective of our religious,ethnic or geo-political differences.This will indeed engender unity and promote good governance in Nigeria.

“Finally,may we use this opportunity to call on fellow Nigerians to discountenance calls for the removal of the FCT Minister, just because he is a Christian.

“YOWICAN have absolute confidence in the leadership capacity of His Excellency Nyesom Wike who is already transforming Abuja in all facets with less than 100days in office.

“He is a Nigerian leader with great track record of performance in all the positions he has held in over 2 decades.
We encourage him to remain focused and resolute in the discharge of the mandate given to him by President Tinubu.

“We pray for unity,love,peace and progress of Nigeria so that we can all live together happily as brothers and sisters irrespective of our religion,tribe or social status.”