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Wike: The derogatory concept of “Arne”and the politics of appointing FCT Minister


Wike: The derogatory concept of “Arne”and the politics of appointing FCT Minister

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Barr Shagnah Pwamaddi Maboyofe

I have followed very keenly on the social media platforms and other conventional media the activities that heralded the assumption of office by H.E. Barr. Ezenwo Nwike as the 12th Minister (to my knowledge) of the FCT.

At the beginning when Sanusi Garko ll goofed,it appeared like a child play or a display of ignorance about the politics of appointment of a Minister for the FCT. Unfortunately, from yesterday to this moment I have listened to a spree of trending unguided utterances that are unbecoming of SOME of our very senior citizens and well respected Islamic Preachers and Scholars against the appointment of Nwike as a Christian to serve under the government of PBAT which the Preachers erroneously believed won election on the mantra of Muslim/Muslim Ticket.

To continue with in this discourse, dear readers it will be interesting to discuss further the obvious which now is skewed to be the unknown to the erring Ulamas that either lack the knowledge of the history of the creation of the FCT in 1976 by Promulgation Degree No. 6 and the official relocation of the seat of government on 12th December, 1991 from Lagos to Abuja or choose to deliberately misrepresent the truth and thereby misleading the public.

Let it be known that at the creation of the FCT in 1976 under Gen.Murtala Mohammed as Head Of State and a devoted Muslim,the pioneer Minister of FCT was a Yoruba Christian in the Person of Ajose Adeogun who was succeeded by John Kadiya Jatau another Christian from Plateau State and again succeeded by Emeka Mark Okoye an Igbo Christian from the South East Nigeria. As if this appointments of “Arna” was not enough, under Gen. Sani Abacha as Head Of State he appointed his trusted ally since MTC in person of Gen. Jeremiah Timbut Useni a Christian from Plateau State too that served as one of the longest serving Minister of FCT that led foundation for the modern FCT of today. Else I forget either Arc. Ibrahim Bunu or Abba Gana was also deputized by an Igbo Christian as State Minister for FCT.

Dear esteem readers, let us now visit the development that is being misconstrued by some of this Preachers that sees the position of the Minister of FCT as a birth right of a microscopic few or “Non Arna”.From H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo, H.E.Umaru Yar’adua, H.E.Goodluck Jonathan to H.E. Muhammadu Buhari all the Ministers of FCT have been Fulani, Hausa, Kanuri and Zah people from the Northern Nigerian ethnic extraction.

In all this over two decades that our own from the North were Ministers of FCT none of them had ever been despised, insulted or called unprinted names but they were all appreciated as leaders where and when necessary and criticized without an expression of biased on the basis of religion, tribe or section of the country where they hailed from even when other citizens from other part of the country had all they could to bring their administration down the Rock to the Niger Confluence.

The appointment of H.E.Nwike as the current Minister of FCT, no doubt, I must attest to is one of the best decisions taken by the PBAT administration to bring on board an experience, dogged and fearless administrator with the track record in governance that can deliver the desired mandate of the RENEWED HOPE in real infrastructural development for all,fighting crime and insecurity to a zero measure, with the zeal to remove administrative buttle necks in policy formulation and execution with the eases of doing business, install a more workable, efficient, convenient and all encompassing transport system and his posture to defeat land speculators and racketeers in land administration in the FCT to further enhance a robost housing, tourism and agricultural programmes in the FCT for the common good of all Nigerians.

May I make bold to say that all these regional creed based criticisms against H.E. Nwike will not fly as both PBAT and the Project master will not be detered as the government is set to do good to the citizens.

Shagnah Pwamaddi Maboyofe, Esq
Write from Yola.