With FG Govt support Ganye, the food basket of Adamawa will produce Yam for the Northern region-Union Leader


With FG Govt support Ganye, the food basket of Adamawa will produce Yam for the Northern region-Union Leader

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Ganye Local Government in the Southern Senatorial zone was said to be the food basket of Adamawa State where it grows food items in commercial quantities.

The Local Government Chairman of Heavy Truck Union, Alhaji Sani Yaya said farming in the area is a lucrative business and is improving the living standard of the people.

According to him with government intervention, the Local Government alone can produce Yam produce that will feed the whole of Northern Nigeria.

He said the quantity of Yam big tubers produced each farming season is attracting buyers from in and outside the shores of Nigeria, coming from as far as Cameron, central Africa, and Chads.

He revealed that the Ganye Yam market is becoming an Inter-state and international hub of buyers meeting points for business transactions coming from far northern States of Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Gombe, Jos, and Bauchi.

He said States like Enugu, Always Ibom and Imo from the Southern part of the country are even coming to buy seedlings for their farming because they like the Ganye kind of Yam seedlings to grow in their area.

Yaya however lamented that the efforts of the government to boost farming activities and raise the morale of Farmers are not encouraging.

He advised that since the government cannot provide all the basic needs for every community because of the large population competing for the little resources in the civil servant’s spaces, and the meager opportunities within the government circle meant only for the elites, they should encourage local farming schemes for both dry and rainy seasons.

“Since our people have now resorted to farming, and it’s paying us well, the farming of Yam alone in Ganye is attracting buyers from all works of life to this area. Ganye is so blessed that we grow virtually every crop and harvest in huge abundance its produce. I’m calling on the government at the federal, state, and local levels to design a plan that will turn the Yam market into an international one for Many countries other than the ones I mentioned to start coming for the exportation of Agricultural produce.

“We are into massive production of Yam in no small major that is generating millions of naira revenue for the state and local government because it’s a big time business that is bringing food to the tables of many, not only our people. The government should encourage the Local farmers with soft loans to cushion the effects of inflation and the cost of procuring farming inputs.” Yaya said

He reiterated that if the government has a timely intervention in agricultural inputs like fertilizer, pumping machines, chemicals, and improved seedlings Ganye as the food basket of Adamawa State will feed the entire north with Yam produce, especially the states of Borno, Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe and Taraba from the northeast region.

“We truly want government support to farm more, and the farming be a more lucrative business that the youth will find it variable venture to use their time. It will equally reduce the high level of unemployment that is contributing to the social menace of kidnapping, and bandry as the trending insecurity business venture the country is currently experiencing.” Yaya Said

He lamented that the insecurity challenges have dampened this year’s Yam production because Many farmers couldn’t get back to their farmlands in faraway areas for fear of being kidnapped.

He also said the cost of food items has tripled because of the high cost of prices of all goods in the open and general markets as one of the major reasons prices of agricultural produce skyrocketed.