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Yoruba Nation Agitators: YWG urge Nigerians to support Tinubu


Yoruba Nation Agitators: YWG urge Nigerians to support Tinubu

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…Jettison ethnicity, partisanship

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The National President of the Yoruba Welfare Group (YWG) Comrade AbdulHakeem Alawuje has called on Nigerians to jettison ethnicity and partisanship with a view to supporting President Bola Tinubu’s steady economic growth, as well as improvements in security and social stability.

The call was made against the Friday invasion of the Oyo State Secretariat in Ibadan by some men and women who claimed to be members of Yoruba Nation.

The invaders who were in military uniform claimed to have proclaimed the Independent and sovereign Yoruba Nation and purported to be taking over their territory.

In a statement released to journalists in Kaduna on Monday, Alawuje said with the rising growth and steady improvements in all facets of life under President Tinubu, the only reasonable thing to do is to support the president who is making Nigerians proud globally to succeed.

According to the statement, “It’s God’s decision to create tongue and teeth together in a place, yet none can successfully and clinically eat meat with ease without the support of the other.

“So putting different tribes and ethnic groups together inside the Nigerian nation, whether by accident or by design should not be seen as a mismatch. God doesn’t make mistake.

“Let’s accept our faith and move forward. The coming together of over 250 languages and ethnic groups, no matter how it came to be, should not be seen as an error, it was God’s design. We should accept it as our destiny and make the best use of the situation.

“Irrespective of our ethnicity and religion, it’s time that all progressive minds in Nigeria started celebrating our president and his humble achievements, even as we ask for more.

“We have had series of failed promises and fake leaders in previous governments. However, we’ve seen the commitment and gradual realisation of his promise to address our economic woes, and bring down inflation as well as the skyrocketed prices within a year. We are gradually witnessing the fulfilment of his campaign promises.

“We are also witnessing the fading, dwindling and muffling of the criticisms of the opposition because of the sterling performance of the president. The echoes of the Renewed Hope of the President is getting louder by the day with his recent achievements in the rising of the Naira against all foreign currencies.

“Global investment bank, Goldman Sachs recently declared Naira as the world’s best-performing currency in the month of March after a deep decline that was caused by two devaluations.

“We have all seeing how the Central Bank Governor has broken the back of forex speculators. Those who have hoarded dollars now engage in panic sales, afraid of what will happen to the value of their boarded dollars when Mr Olajide Cardoso will sell the next forex to the BDCs!

“Thank God that those who were earlier expressing regrets for voting Tinubu in 2023, including some his loyalists, are beginning to have a change of mind.

“We must not forget that President Tinubu is a child of unity. His presidency was the coming together of the North and South. It was the same unity and trust that birthed the victory of President Muhammad Buhari in 2015 that equally brought about, the victory to Tinubu in 2023. Hence, such trust, unity and harmony must be maintained and sustained.

“Nigerians must not be swayed by the agony and the vituperations of those who cannot survive as an opposition or be without political office for a single year. The are desperate and are ready to sacrifice the unity and love that were birthed in 2015 and sustained in 2023 for their personal political gain.

“Those who truly know the essence and values of unity, love and harmony in a delicately cosmopolitan country like Nigeria should not allow them to have their way,” it declared.