You’re a Judicial Bandit, unfit to be S’Court Judge – Sen Abbo lampoons Justice Chioma


You’re a Judicial Bandit, unfit to be S’Court Judge – Sen Abbo lampoons Justice Chioma

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Nigerian Judiciary in recent times come under fierce attacks over what many regarded as a cheapening out of the democratic process by many justices of the appeal courts, supreme Courts, and other lower courts.

Many of them cited an example with the Plateau State’s current situation where the duly elected Lawmakers were sacked from office because of the wrong judgment of the judges of appeal courts.

The wrong precedence of the judiciary system is making it appear as a constitutional conundrum that the masses have confidence in the judiciary system.

During a world Press conference, a former Senator to have represented Adamawa Northern Senatorial District, Mr Ishaku Abbo (Cliff) said the judiciary system is putting the country in a tied corner where common people are no longer safe.

Senator Abbo lampooned Justice Chioma Nwosu-Iheme during the press conference and regarded her as worst than bandits operating as kidnappers.

Abbo said Nwosu is a “Judiciary bandit” who is not fit or qualified to become a judge in the Nigerian Judiciary system and talks more of becoming a Supreme Court Judge.

The former Senator petitioned President Bola Ahmed Tinubu about how Nwosu is corrupt and has battered the image of the Judiciary with the cash-and-carry judgments she passed against him.

According to him, he won his election with over eleven thousand votes because Chioma was corrupt Ahe gave a perverted judgment

“We have kept quiet for a long and seen some Judiciary bandits become threats to Nigerian Democracy, it’s time to hold them liable. Why are judges are above the law? Do you need to be in the good book of a judge or on the site of the law for justice to prevail?

“The Judge who gave the skewed and perverted judgment to the extent of going against her judgment about my judgment in other cases was nominated to be a Supreme Court Judge.

“I have petitioned the president never to swear in Chioma Because we don’t need those types of judges in the Supreme Court, my petition to the Nigerian Judiciary Council is there to tell never to allow her to be sworn in because she is corrupt,” Abbo said

While reading his letter of petition sent to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Journalists in Abuja, Abbo called on the president of the Court of Appeal, Justice Monica Damsa to know that the Court of Appeal judges have become a sh and carry men and women, working as point of sale (POS) machine agents.

Abbo read the petition letter sent to President Bola and warned that Justice Chioma Nwosu-Iheme should not be sworn in as a judge of the Supreme Court.

He said Chioma did a Judiciary coup de tat against him and his Brother, Hon Jingi Rufai who were targeted using her to frustrate the Democratic system.