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YOWICAN, NACOMYO praise Dr Emmanuel for his Humanitarian support to Adamawa citizens


YOWICAN, NACOMYO praise Dr Emmanuel for his Humanitarian support to Adamawa citizens

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The YOWICAN Chairman Adamawa State Chapter Rev. Gabriel L Shall and National Council of Muslims Youth organisation (NACOMYO) Adamawa State Chairman Mallam Abdullahi Hamman applauded the effort of the Adamawa born business Man , Dr Emmanuel N Musa.

The religions Youth group praised Dr Musa who is generous and Founded EMNAMU Foundation with the sole aim of reaching out to the less privileged and the downtrodden.

A statement signed by the two youth group leaders said Musa has performed beyond human imagination, his recent quick intervention of the wind storm disaster that destroyed many houses in the community of Pella town, Pella District of Hong LGA of Adamawa State.

“The Young kind-hearted Man displayed what we called humanitarian intervention, in less than 24 hours of assessments, even when he was not in the country but came to the aid of the affected ones irrespective of religion and gender.

“Dr Emmanuel N Musa who is a selfless, liberal and compassionate about pulling people out of problem donated roofing zinc, roofing woods, Mattress and a sum of Hundreds Thousand N100,000 each to fifty 50 people not only that, but with word of encouragement and hope that tomorrow is going to better than today.” The statement read

The statement further revealed that the National council of Muslim Youth organisation (NACOMYO) Chairman Mallam Abdullahi Hamman said emphatizing with people in a time of need is the best thing that will ever happen to humanity.

Hamman said citizens doesn’t need much from their leaders but to have a sense of belonging and to be encouraged in a time of trouble, Dr Emmanuel N Musa had demonstrated a true quality of a leader.

“YOWICAN Chairman Rev. Gabriel L Shall mentioned some of his intervention to youth in the area of Job opportunity, School Scholarship, Building houses to the less privileged, financial empowerment, food item empowerment and intervention like this has becomes his life style.

“The two Youth leaders of the two religions draw the attention of leaders to learn from the Dr Emmanuel N Musa, doing so will build synergy, harmony and understanding between the two religion and the citizens.

“We cannot appreciate the Founder and President of EMNAMU Foundation without also appreciating the effort of his cabinets or his team, they have shown to the world that their eyes and ears are on the ground to see and hear the need of the people, whenever they call he will not ignored.

“They work faithfully in executing and discharging the duty as expected by their principals. It is one thing to have passion to work for people and is another thing to have loyal, active, and vibrant Team to support it. Therefore, the EMNAMU FOUNDATION has written their name with golden ink and it will leave to be remembered.” Gabriel said